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  • I have saggy skin after losing over 70lbs in 2 years. I've started a better skin care routine now and already seeing the results. Remember your skin is your largest organ. We should care for it like our hearts xxxx
  • Hey. I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS after TTC for 3 years (I've had it since puberty but with regular periods it never seemed to be a problem until I couldn't get pregnant) I started at 224lbs and now I weigh 153lbs with another 13lbs to go. Thing is weightloss is SLOW with PCOS. It's taken me 2 years so far. I…
  • Hi all. Thanks for the help. Sadly I didn't decide to eat the biggest cheesecake in the world. Somehow it has managed to correct itself. Have no idea what it did but it has sorted itself out. Fitbit obviously didn't like me no syncing it for a week whilst I was on holiday. Thanks for all your advice tho xxxx
  • Firstly fabulous weight loss. I've I've lost a similar amount and also got the lower stress pouch. I use a cheeky skin wrap when I just want it a little tighter for a quick fix for a holiday or day out. But my biggest difference is doing spin and weight lifting. Keep at it. You've done fabulously!
  • I have similar flare ups. I sweat heavily and get heat rash when exercising. Good exfoliation helps. But wait and see what the specialist says.
  • I suffer from severe anxiety. We have currently been invaded by travellers that are causing some distruption. My house is right by their entrance so my anxiety/stress/adrenaline levels are so high at the moment. So I whacked an aerobics DVD on and used that fight/flight feeling to kick that bit harder, to jump that little…
  • I use PHd Diet Whey. Low sugar low fat. Really tasty. Use almond milk with a bit of water and they are lovely. Get mine off Amazon. Suitable for vegetarians too.
  • I suffer from bad depression and severe anxiety. 18 months ago it got that bad I wouldn't come out my bedroom let alone the house. But I wanted something. Something I'm not going to get lay in bed. I started with home workouts but felt I could get out of doing them easily. With the help from my carer, we started making…
  • Oh my. That time of the month for me is hell. Without considering the binging I can hold up to 7lbs in water over that week. So it certainly doesn't help you stay away from the cupboards. 'Oh it doesn't matter as I've already put so much on!' And dive into the naughty cupboard. My cramps will knock me off my feet for 4…
  • Aqua fit is one of the best fitness ideas to ever be thought of! 18 months ago I was 224lbs (5ft 4inches) and had knee problems and was fat to put it bluntly. Aqua fit was my first gym class. I started with one class and loved it. So went back two days later. Within 4 weeks I was doing five 45 minute classes a week. Well…
  • It does me in every class. I haven't been able to get every single rep. But this week shall be the week. All reps in the shoulder track!
  • I do bodypump 3 times a week. A pure addict. I remember my first class. Presses. Squats. Lunges. What the hell?!?! Now I love the challenge of 'what if I just add that little bit more on'. Leaving a large pool of sweat after stretching is always the goal. It has transformed me. I'm the fittest I've ever been. How hot is…
  • I bought a new skipping rope the other day to try and add an extra 10 mins in after a workout down the gym. Only thing is I can't do it in the rain! As you say around 10 calories a minute and with some good songs in your ears and it is really gets you sweaty.
  • Bodypump 3 times a week. Aqua fit twice a week. Swim twice a week. Walk the dog every day. :)
  • Steps get you off your backside and get moving. But calories are the main things we are interested in ;)
  • Bodypump is awesome. The only thing that I will get dressed for on a Sunday!
  • Les Mills Bodypump would suit you. It's a bit of both. Great strength training that really gets your heart racing. Have a look on YouTube :)
  • When I hit a wall, I stopped doing as much cardio and started doing more strength training. It worked. Back on the downhill slope! Try doing something different both food and exercise wise. Don't give up. Keep going. Xx
  • Before I started my weight loss I was 218lbs at 5' 4". My periods were bang on 30 days long. I could predict it down to a 12 hour slot. They fluctuated between 24 and 54 days! I am now 178lbs and my periods have changed. They are now 27 days and regular again. Another 40lbs to go. :)
  • I'm 5' 4" and weighed 218lbs when I started. I'm currently 180lbs and still on my journey. Aim is for a healthy BMI so between 136 and 154lbs. :)
  • I can gain a whopping 7lbs during that horrid week when the witch arrives. I get a lot of bloating, upset stomach plus the cramps. BUT...I do tend to find that the week after I usually have a greater loss than any other weeks. Strange huh!?
  • Not really thought about it. I just always aim for the average calories to be around the recommended allowance.
  • At a local gym you should be able to book a session where they will measure your body fat, weight, height, muscle mass etc and will give you the right pointers to make improvements in your lifestyle. 15kg is a lot of weight to lose as some of it will be muscle, not just purely fat.
  • I've actually done this. Weighed it frozen, cooked them, then weighed again. There is little (-5g) or no difference at all. So I just weigh frozen now. :)
  • Water is the only thing I drink. I prefer it to fizzy drinks and now even fruit juices. I can get through more water on a day with lots of exercise. But always aim for my 2 litres or 8 oz cups each day :)
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  • I have a FitBit Flex and well it hasn't left my wrist for 6 months (apart from charging). I may not do the 10,000 step a day due to a knee injury, but it does make me do a lot more than I used to. My phone has a step counter, but I don't have my phone on me all the time. I've got a groovy bracelet for mine as the original…
  • I have a knee problem. I had a torn ACL and when that was finally healed, I began to get a cyst on my side ligament (forgot the name). This cyst pushes on my nerves (quite literally) and if I catch it, it can feel like someone is trying to lift my knee cap off. Oh and arthritis in the same knee. The pain is awful. I'm…
  • UPDATE Week # 1 – May 4th - Goal 240 minutes: Mon: 80 mins Weight training Tue: none Wed: none Thur: 15 mins elliptical trainer. 30 mins Weight training. 45 mins Aqua aerobics Fri: None Sat: Dancing 30 mins Sun: Walking 45 mins Total / min left: 245 / -5 Woohoo
  • Week # 1 – May 4th - Goal 240 minutes: Mon: 80 mins Weight training Tue: none Wed: none Thur: 15 mins elliptical trainer. 30 mins Weight training. 45 mins Aqua aerobics Fri: Sat: Sun: Total / min left: 170 / 240
  • I get a rash when I wear mine. But I do get sweat rash very easily anywhere on my body so I can't say for sure that it is the fitbit. I have changed my band for one off the internet and it's calmed down. Hope you get it sorted. Do you know why it died?
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