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    No one else was feeling my emotional pain just me, so unless I did the work nothing would change.

    What a great lesson for all of life, not just diet/health.

    I'm learning in various aspects of my life (relationships, personal growth, etc) that you have to be your own champion to be happy. Relying on others to make you happy is a false goal.

    Everyone else is busy dealing with their own happiness. Empower yourself to be happy, and once you're happy, that's when you can invest energy in others, and help them :)
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    Two Easters ago in the middle of a conversation with my sister, she looked down at my hand and said, "wow can you even take your wedding ring off?" It woke me up to how big I had become. The next day I downloaded and started MFP and haven't looked back.
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    My ah-ha moment was when I stepped on a scale for the first time in a year, and saw that I had gained 25 kgs (about 50 pounds).
    I was depressed, totally blind to the reflection in the mirror, and tried to blame the washing machine for shrinking my pants...

    What made that time different was that I took it slowly to begin with. I didn't rush into exersicing 5 days a week. And doing the low-carb diet really helped to get off the first 10 kgs.

    I feel that the mind is EVERYTHING. It controls your hunger, your will to be active, and has to be in the right place for you to love yourself enough to not do bad things to your body.
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    I always dress smartly for work (shirt, shoes, trousers etc) even though we're able to dress down, my 'Ah-Ha' moment was when I started to notice that my shirts were getting tighter around my belly. I've never been overweight thankfully and was always skinny when growing up.

    However since I moved up to where I'm living now I would go out on a Fri / Sat and drink 15+ pints of beer because it was convenient to go to the pub after work. I'm now in a new job thankfully and kept telling myself to stop going out drinking so much, not only was it bad for my health, it was bad for my bank balance! This will shock some as it did me, but I could go out and spend £300 on a weekend binge and not recall anything at all.

    I signed up to this site to mainly track what I was eating, I wasn't aware that there was a social aspect to this site, I'm now on a 17 day streak and I'm keeping myself positive / focused mainly through the friends I've befriended and their kind words of support.

    One of my goals is to lose the beer belly, and all the fat that's around my stomach and then put on muscle in all areas. Luckily I live near a wonderful beach so another one of my goals is to get myself into a shape where I'd be proud to walk along the beach without being ashamed of my physique and being able to be proud of myself. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not a change that will be fixed quickly but it will take months of hard work to get there.

    I am seeing slight changes already in my physique, however the transformation of my belly is going to be a long process after all the abuse I've given it.

    To end my essay, I am thankful for all the friends I've encountered on MFP and also the messages which I read on various forums. Everyone on this site is working towards their own goals and I would happily & proudly give you support if you would need it. Having supportive friends on here is making such a difference to me.

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    My moment came the Friday before Labor Day of this year when I stepped on a scale for the first time in about 8 months. I knew it wasn't going to be good. I knew how I felt in general and I knew how the clothes felt tight. I almost passed out at the read.

    Top this off with a newer found struggle with blood pressure issue. I already was aware the nightly beer or two (or three) along with the accompanying snacks were beginning to take their toll on me physically.

    Add it all up and at that moment, I decided I had enough.

    Stumbled onto MFP by accident and signed up. Couldn't believe the resources here and how helpful people were. Now I'm about 2 pounds of current target. If I can do it safely, I'm about 10 away from my weight from 30 years ago.

    I always knew this is all about lifestyle - not diet. Diets won't work for me, only lifestyle changes. I fell into the sedentary lifestyle about 10 years ago and am now pulling myself out of it to get back to living the way I did before which kept me fit.
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    My Ahhh moment was when I finally accepted how big I had become. Recently turning the big one :neutral_face: I knew something had to be done. I know I can do it as being a former smoker of thirty plus a day and went cold turkey 20 years ago and not returned (get in) I can and will do it. My love of food both good and bad has taken me too far. I also realise that it is not just about diet it's as you say a change of life. I won't say fingers crossed I can do it. I will say good by to my former self and put on that coat of my new self.
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    When was your 'AH-HA' moment that made you decide, 'ahhhm okay it's time to do something about this weight?'

    I was sailing in Cypremort and realized that even though I was a giant fat pasty boring personality-less dead whale, I was strong. Something I'd had not felt in the 6 and a half years since the car accident that had thrown my entire life into chaos.

    I latched on to that like a psychological lifeline.

    At the end of that day, I felt alive again. Until I saw the pictures of myself and realized that I didn't look anything like me.

    And vowed that would never happen again. From that day forward, I would make sure that the inside matched the outside and reverse.

    What made a difference this time which differed from previous attempts to lose weight &/or get healthy? (motivation)

    That was my first and only attempt. When I said I was serious, I wasn't crying Wolf. I could have died and didn't - and I'd been wasting my 'another chance'. I was no longer going to waste one single second of the life I'd had to fight to keep.

    How much impact do you feel that a correct mindset has on the level of achievement?

    It's a deal breaker. If your brain isnt in the right space, you're doomed.
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    I love that this post has resurrected. My ah -ha moment has been some what delayed. Back in June I went to the drs with severe knee pain. The out come of that apt is that I am a 51 year woman looking at 2 total knee replacements. The kicker? the doctor told me I was too fat to operate on. (my words).

    so there I was in denial for 6 more months! Im not THAT fat... (only 50 plus pounds overweight)! Clearly, I went to a quack, Im not on any medication at all so how does he know that I wouldn't survive the surgery?

    Sometimes it takes longer for that ah -ha moment to penetrate a fat head. But I got it. (finally). Today is day 3 with MFP and I am picking up a fitbit tonight. I am very determined.

    Thank you for this post.
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    My ah-ha moment happened just 3 days ago. Even though I have known for a while that I needed to do something. But the actual moment it clicked was when the doctor told me they would prefer not to remove my tubes (tubal ligation) because the excess weight on my stomach was a huge risk.
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    I obviously have far too much time on my hands as another question out of sheer curiosity has been nagging away at me ... so here goes. :D
    • When was your 'AH-HA' moment that made you decide, 'ahhhm okay it's time to do something about this weight?'
    • What made a difference this time which differed from previous attempts to lose weight &/or get healthy? (motivation)
    • How much impact do you feel that a correct mindset has on the level of achievement?

    My "AH-HA" moment happened in early 2011 when I went home for my grandma's funeral. While I was home, I saw one of my relatives who has several serious health problems that probably could have been avoided with better eating and exercise habits. I realized that I would almost certainly be headed down that road if I didn't change my behavior NOW... I couldn't put it off or be in denial any longer.

    In terms of mindset, it's *so* important for me to think of excercising and eating healthy as a vital, daily part of my life. If I thought of it as a temporary "diet" rather than an ongoing health habit (like brushing my teeth), then it would be very easy to put it on the back-burner when life gets busy.

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    My AHA moment was realizing there aren't many pictures of myself and my six month old daughter because I am ashamed of what I look like. I am so motivated to start.
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    When I realized that I weighed a GREAT deal more than I had 9 months pregnant and I wasn't pregnant anymore. I sure looked it though.
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    Sprained my back moving some furniture. Dr. said, "You are borderline morbidly obese. Things like this will keep happening until you lose some weight."

    I found mfp the next day (July 1, 2012) started walking, and cycling, then running. I've been at a healthy weight since November 2013.

    Mindset is major!
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