Better Late Than Never

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It was March 2012, at the age of 50 when I sat in my doctor’s office and heard her say my lab results weren’t great. Nothing too serious…yet. But I was definitely headed in the wrong direction. I was at my highest weight ever, 178, which at 5’1 put me in the obese category. My weight had been up and down my whole life, even as a young teen I was put on a diet by my gymnastics coach. I remembered my sister lost weight by counting calories, so I decided that was how I would lose weight too. Just a few days later I heard about MFP from my cousin. Funny side story – I realized I already had an account that I created when I got a new phone months before! At that time I didn’t even bother to look into what MFP was.

So in April 2012 I began using the app. My weight slowly went down, and I sat in my doctor’s office once again later that year in December. With tears in her eyes she hugged me, and told me how proud she was that I took her seriously and was losing weight. However, the bad news that followed was that a recent bone scan showed more thinning than was normal for my age. She said I needed to incorporate resistance training to reduce my risk of osteoporosis.

Over the next couple of months I tried various programs, from bodyweight routines to lifting with dumbbells and a barbell. Knee and shoulder pain kept me from making any progress, so I began a 5 month detour in physical therapy. In July 2013 I was able to begin a new program, All Pro’s Simple Beginners Routine. Progress was slow, but still progress, as I went from not being able to perform even one bodyweight squat, to doing squats with weights. I did All Pro’s for 9 months, then took a couple of months off to do some more physical therapy, then back to weight lifting with a combination of dumbbells, barbell, and bodyweight exercises.

One year into losing weight, I came across the Eat, Train, Progress group here on MFP. Sidesteel and Sarauk2sf, co-owners of the group, are knowledgeable, generous, caring people. Much of my success is thanks to them. What started as simply reading the information they have posted, led to me asking and receiving advice from them with my training and diet. Eventually, I hired Sidesteel as an online personal trainer. My expectation of the support I would receive is exceeded each time we meet. He was instrumental in my success taking off the last 10 pounds, convincing me I was able to do more than I believed I could in regards to diet and exercise.

These last 2 ½ years I have learned many things. I learned moderation and what an appropriate serving size is. I learned there are no good or bad foods. I learned I feel better when I focus on getting adequate protein and fat. I learned to eat food that I love, and leave food alone that I am not crazy about. I learned that the scale cannot tell me if I am a good or bad person. I learned I feel good when I exercise. I learned to see myself as the thinner person that I am.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Swampdaisy and OzzyWoman for the initial inspiration, and for all their encouragement, support and understanding. They were always there for me as I struggled with various aspects of losing weight. Also to Sidesteel and Sarauk2sf from the ETP group for putting out quality information and advice. To Sidesteel, who more than once he has talked me off the ledge, as I learn to trust in my ability to lift more weight, and trust in my ability to eat a nutrient rich diet, maintain my weight, while no longer logging calories. And to all on my friends list who inspire me everyday.



  • melduf
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    Wow! Good job! That's inspiring :)
  • micheleld73
    micheleld73 Posts: 914 Member
    Awesome and inspirational!! Great work!
  • rgagnon1
    rgagnon1 Posts: 59 Member
    Wow! So amazing to start at 50 and look like this. I wish I could send this post and picture to my sisters and girlfriends that think it is too late to start
  • 47Jacqueline
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  • lorib642
    lorib642 Posts: 1,942 Member
    awesome wtg :)
  • Slinky92
    Slinky92 Posts: 36 Member
    Incredible! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Congratulations!
  • christianteach
    christianteach Posts: 593 Member
    Wow! You look great! I can't tell from the picture, do you have any loose skin?
  • MichelleV1990
    MichelleV1990 Posts: 806 Member
    The day it's too late to start is the day you stop breathing. Thank you for proving that success comes at any age if you put in the effort! Congratulations...You look fantastic!!!!
  • PennyHarris123
    PennyHarris123 Posts: 159 Member
    fantastic.... :D
  • sun_fish
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    Wow! You look great! I can't tell from the picture, do you have any loose skin?

    Thank you!

    Yes I do have loose skin. On my abdomen, my thighs, and arms. I hit my goal weight 2 1/2 months ago, so I'm hoping things tighten up in the next year or so. But honestly, it doesn't really bother me. I'll take lose skin over obesity any day!
  • NextPage
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    Great post. I am 51 and it is inspiring to see another women my age get thin and fit. Wow, weight training really does turn back the clock - you look fantastic.
  • IndigoSue13
    IndigoSue13 Posts: 99 Member
    What an accomplishment! Congratulations!!! :D
  • unbelievable!!! so inspiring! thanks
  • Local_Atlantis
    Local_Atlantis Posts: 262 Member
    You are amazing!! :smile: xx
  • boxfish100
    boxfish100 Posts: 172 Member
    Wowsers. You look gorgeous and your story is very inspirational
  • tkcasta
    tkcasta Posts: 405 Member
    Amazingly badass.
  • SideSteel
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    HUGE Congrats!!! You are all kinds of awesome and I'm so happy for you.
  • Congratulations!! You look amazing and your story is very inspiring!!
  • ssaraj43
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    edited November 2014
    Some much AWESOME!!! <3<3
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