I can't believe I used to eat that!!



  • lmr0528
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    I used to sit around every single night with a bag of some sort of junk food... potato chips, cheetos, fritos, etc. Now, that stuff is never in my house, I refuse to buy it because I won't be able to resist.
  • leggup
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    An entire jar of tostitos queso with scoops (a type of tortilla chip). I still eat both of those things, just not by the jar.

    I used to get a panera panini (the mozzarella vegetarian one) and the whole grain baguette AND the white mac and cheese. Now I can barely finish the panini in one sitting.

    I used to eat a pint of soy ice cream in one sitting, usually with a mixed drink. Now I portion it and it lasts me 2-3 servings.

    Soooo I eat the same things, just not all in one sitting.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    500 grams of beef mince, a can of baked beans and a block of cheese all cooked together served with half a loaf of buttered bread to scoop it up with

    a pack of 40 cocktail sausages heated and served with ketchup, a quiche, sandwich, cream cakes and chocolate

    no suprise why i ended up so big
  • Revonue
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    A whole container of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Any other ice-cream I can moderate just fine. But Ben & Jerry's is just cruel in how delicious it is and how easily the whole container is gone.
  • CooCooPuff
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    I would go to the grocery store every Wednesday and spend all of the money I had on whatever sugary snacks I wanted and eat it all before the family came home. I'm talking entire packages of cookies, whatever looked good from the deli (usually big boxes of doughnut holes), family size bags of Cheetos, and a pint of ice cream all in one sitting.

    A usual trip to Mcdonalds consisted of twenty nuggets, large fries, a large soda, an ice cream cone, and a dollar cheeseburger. The person ringing me up messed up my order once and gave me five large ten nugget meals. I ate about 60 percent of the nuggets and two or three orders of fries.

    I would spend the weekend with my sister eating out for every meal and ordering whatever garbage we wanted, usually stopping by at Golden Corral. It's scares me to think how much I could pack on in one sitting and not get full.
  • dashaclaire
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    Now instead of grabbing random things "just because" I make sure I really like and want whatever I'm eating. Calories are a precious currency to me now, and only the worthiest and tastiest of foods get to have a big chunk of them.

    Ain't that the truth!
    People ask me "Why don't you have a drink after work anymore?" Because I'd rather spend my calories on delicious foods, what is one drink gonna do? Certainly won't get me drunk.

    I'm mostly in the I don't regret what I ate just how much I ate camp.... Although corn tortillas covered in tons melted cheddar yet still dipped in Rico's nacho cheese sauce was probably a bit extreme.

    I also belong to the it's a miracle I didn't gain more camp.
  • spookyface
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    I use to "treat" myself to a Burger King whopper w/ cheese onion rings and drink for making trips to clean out a deceased relative house. Sounds good still, but I must resist!
  • RiseandGrind77
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    ramen, spam, canned corn beef, and canned vienna sausages were the main foods I grew up eating.. wow
  • missh1967
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    It's not the "what" I used to eat, it's the sheer volume of what I used to eat. Just damn.
  • Amitysk
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    An entire bag of ruffles with french onion dip... ALL BY MYSELF in one sitting... also, entire pizzas. But worst of all was eating a big fat burrito from Chipotle plus an order of 3 soft tacos AND chips and guacamole IN ONE SITTING... SMH...
  • missh1967
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    Saltines dipped in spreadable butter, like a whole roll of them....washed down with some wine. And then I'd cry about eating the butter:(

    I love Saltines with butter and jelly/jam spread on top.

  • fat2strongbeth
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    Fast food and soda.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    erickirb wrote: »
    You said as a veggie you served cream corn, corn isn't a veggie, its a grain!
  • dieter1200
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    Sometimes for dinner I would have a marie callender's pot pie (about 1000 calories) followed by an entire carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Also the 8 cans of cherry coke I would have everyday.
  • dieter1200
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    ordering club sandwiches at restaurants thinking they were a healthy option there 4 low calorie option if I had fruit on the side instead of french fries.
  • shandy82165
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    Cheese tacos. I didn't even bother with the meat. Fried corn tortillas with a least half a pound of cheese and topped with sour cream and tapatio. i would use the lettuce more as a garnish.

    I would eat 6-8 of these in one sitting, plus chips on the side. And ice cream for dessert!
  • segacs
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    Ice cream right out of the container. It wasn't unheard of (or even all that unusual) for me to eat an entire container of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked in a single sitting. According to MFP, that's 1,120 calories, 56g of fat, and 144g of carbs. And that doesn't even count all the food I ate that day... it was just dessert!
    Revonue wrote: »
    A whole container of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Any other ice-cream I can moderate just fine. But Ben & Jerry's is just cruel in how delicious it is and how easily the whole container is gone.

  • HipsterWhovian
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    I only did it a handful of times, but at college, I would go to the nearby supermarket, buy their value vanilla cheesecake and eat the whole thing for lunch. It was a good cheesecake too
  • kb9222
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    I recently cut out all starchy carbs and I realised that I feel so much better without them. For dinner on friday I allowed myself to have carbs and I woke up feeling like crap on saturday. So glad I don't eat them every day.
  • Little Debbie cakes and Fanta at the same time. IDK how I'm not diabetic. I'm not talking 1 oatmeal cookie and a fanta I mean it was 4 for $1 so 2 Fudge rounds, 2 Oatmeal cookies and Fanta. LOL Fast Food, Soda, Soda and more soda.