Any women out there have mixed feelings about losing curves?



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    I've always been rather flat, but that's ok. I like my body and I'm just grateful to be happy. With all the strength training I've done, I actually gained a way nicer booty! Woo! Don't stress about the curves (or lack thereof), you're still beautiful and still you!
  • I want to be smaller all over,whatever figure flaws i have looks much worse when i am overweight, so even it i lose some breast and butt i will still look better in my clothes.the thing is to be the size you want to be and none of us are perfect and neither are actresses or models they only have very good people airbrushing all their flaws away.
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    I love my curves but being healthy is much more important to me.
  • Yeah, before I used to feel like my boobs were my defining feature so I was pretty sad to drop almost 2 sizes. But honestly the benefits of being fit, healthy and with more stamina outweigh a big chest in my book!
    Plus I now like my stomach and arms a lot better!
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    I hadn't really thought about it. I don't feel like I care at all right now if I am particularly curvy or not.

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    Oh dear, and how I envy you, I have never had curves, well that is a lie- when I was heavier my belly curved out further than my bust.
    I am at my goal and I am the straight up and down that I was before my menopausal weight gain.
    I am squatting and lunging like crazy trying to get a bit of shape to my but, but I think it is a genetically designed flat one.
    Sorry I haven't got to see your new pics yet Rosebette, I am travelling so can only access with my iPhone and the pics are hard to see well.
    Cheers, h.
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    Yes ...i find it weird to not be so Jessica Rabbit tbh :smile: I've lost just over a cup size and my hips and thighs are slimmer ... I'm hoping I'll adjust my body image slowly and feel sexy again ... tbh my new size 12 clothes (US 8) fit better than my old 16s (US 12) and there's much more choice at that size (gone ebay mad cos I think I might drop another size) so that do new shoes

    I find new shoes always help :wink:
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    Nope I still have mine. :)
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    I'm in the exact same situation. I went from 210 to 145 and from a 38C to now barely a 34C (and even that is getting really loose. I am thinking I might be a 32B/C). Of course, it seems like the weight I am losing is going straight to my F/G younger sister... who has also told me that I have no rear end either. :trollface:
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    I am a still a pretty curvy girl when slim and so I'm not worried about it. I'm not sure if packing extra pounds is the definition of "curves". For me when I gained weight most of it was in my middle and my waist disappeared. While I also gained an inch or two in the bust, I felt it gave the overall look of losing my curves (I joked that I went from being an hourglass to a brandy snifter). Also with weight training (squats etc.) you can always shape a nice butt for yourself.
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    When I first started losing my boobs was one of the first places to start losing fat. I was crushed having to buy smaller and smaller bras. Really crushed.

    Then I had to decide do I really want to keep these rolls on my belly, love handles, back fat, bingo wings etc. on my body or do I want to become a healthier, stronger, fitter person with less curves?

    I chose the latter. I continued shrinking and began to accept my changing body.

    Things completely changed however when I discovered lifting heavy weights. My body slowly began transforming. My entire body especially my core and stomach area slowly got smaller and tighter, my back fat and love handles seemed to melt body fat and I started forming a small "V" which gave me more curves. Lastly my behind which never went away but was getting flabby lifted higher and got a lot firmer.

    It turns out lifting heavier made me much smaller and tighter, but at the same time made me curvier than I was previously!

    I mix up my workouts but doing about 2 days of week of slow, heavy compound lifting (squats, lunges, deadlifts, bent over rows etc) for only about 30 minutes and 1 day of a light weight/higher rep workout (for muscle endurance). This type of workout is more cardio, but I do a lot of chest work with this type of workout to keep my boobs "lifted" as well.

    These type of workouts helped to give me my dream body (along with diet and being mindful of my calories of course) of being a nice mix of being firm, but not too hard or overly muscular, but at the same time still a little soft and curvy. I was never able to achieve this with just cardio or only using light weights. It made me get smaller, but I was still flabby and soft.

    My biggest (no pun) issue now can be buying clothes because of my waist to hip ratio which is an 11 inch difference. I usually have to buy dresses and bottoms a size higher and have my seamstress take my clothes in at the waist area, but it's totally worth it.

    Good luck ladies!
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    No, but I haven't lost any curves (whatever that means). I'd likely need to get down to 90# or less with plenty of weight lifting to lose any "curves".
  • I hardly ever had any curves anyway. My hips are a little wider so that's nice, but only noticeable when I'm naked. The rest of my body is just straight.

    Perhaps my best curves are my calves. Their big (naturally even without muscle and haven't lost their shape as I lost weight) and they give my legs great shape and make me look good in heels. :mrgreen:

    Anyhoo, I wouldn't worry because when at goal you will find other things you love (and hate) about your body. No matter how we change we always have something in our minds that can be improved. :wink:
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    I hear you sister! :) I have lost about 6 kg and I was an apple shape to begin with - so no real curves (in the sens of hourglass figure) to begin with apart from the chest. I have lost quite a bit of belly fat by going low-carb. And the tiny bum got even tinier. ;)

    - To be honest: I wouldn't worry about it too much. There is so much pressure on women to "look" a certain way and this is so silly. Your most attractive "curves" are the curves of your heart and your brain. Personally, I feel healthier since losing weight, and this has automatically given me a new-found confidence and positive attitude. People comment on my "glow" (I'm just happy being a healthier weight!) and on my healthy look.
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    For better or worse, I found I got used to my new body. I'm much fitter now than I was in 2013, and for a while I loved becoming thin but worried my chest was getting small. Now it's like that novelty of the "new thin" is gone but some of the self-consciousness went away as well.
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    Kalikel wrote: »
    I was a big blob and am becoming more, not less, curvy. :)

    My boobs can get as small as they want. I don't care about their size. The sagging is a little depressing, but if they went to B or A, I'd be delighted. I will happily settle for C. The bras get smaller, but the cup size went from DD to D and hasn't gone down since. :(

    I am totally with you. My waist is finally SMALLER than my hips. I was medically qualified for a breast reduction before I stared losing weight, I was a 40H, and now I am a 38DDD. SO happy. My butt is a little flatter, but I'm hoping squats will help with that at some point.
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    Well I definitely looked curvier in my clothes before weight loss and gym training, but I look better without them now so it's all good :)
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    Less than I thought I would. I was kind of bummed when I had to buy smaller bras initially since my old ones were getting obviously too big, and was surprised (shouldn't have been, as I'd been thinner not that long before) at how much younger my body looked when I was somewhat smaller up top. On me, I prefer the new shape for sure, although I definitely still have curves. I do wish I was more of an hourglass--my hips and butt are naturally quite small, it seems--but it's not like my personal curves in that area were so attractive when heavier so I'm just hoping weight training will eventually help somewhat.
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    Also with weight training (squats etc.) you can always shape a nice butt for yourself.

    ^^ Exactly! Just google "squat butt." You'll see --

    Plus, push up bras.

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    I've always been skinny on top so I figured it was better to be overall slim with very small boobs, than overweight with still fairly small boobs...!!
    I'm happy with how I am now- my boobs are very small but they've never been my feature! I feel much better having an overall more athletic figure.

    ...on the flipside, my bum has got much bigger and curvier since I've lost weight..! I think muscle has built up so I like that aspect of me now!