Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • Pickle107
    Pickle107 Posts: 153 Member
    I'm currently a UK size 14 but this was getting tight. I refuse to buy any size 16 so it was time to act!
  • MoEinwalter
    MoEinwalter Posts: 2 Member
    I had hit overweight and noticed that I was the largest younger person in my family. I was embarrassed to see people I hadn't seen in a while, and I had phased out of "medium" clothes. I decided to start running and now I am trying to track my calories again like I did when I was at my smallest.
  • Hipnotika
    Hipnotika Posts: 69 Member
    Mine was about ending up in the ER with high blood pressure and a panic attack i thought i was dying, i found out my cholesterol was extremely high. Being a mom of 3 little ones i had to make a 360 turn on my diet for them, to see them grow. Now i can actually say “i have something to live (healthy) for 😉
  • asaprisha
    asaprisha Posts: 1 Member
    I met up with a good friend and he’s a powerlifter now. He then told me I was thinking way too much about the “what ifs” and I should just do it anyway. I mean... that talk made me hit up my neighborhood gym real quick.
  • Theo166
    Theo166 Posts: 2,564 Member
    I'd like to get back to the neighborhood of my college weight, to be in the normal BMI range rather than be 'obese'. I'd like to get back to exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, one without 80 lbs around my middle.
  • IsETHome
    IsETHome Posts: 384 Member
    When I realized I was over 100 lbs more than my high school weight. I’m the same height....I was reading that’s morbid obesity. In 2013 I lost 20 lbs working with a trainer, then life got busy and I gained about 10lbs a year for 4 years, and it has to stop. Since nov I’m down almost 30 lbs, I plan 50 more. This is a year of change.
  • StellaNova72
    StellaNova72 Posts: 16 Member
    My five year old coming up behind me jiggling the fat on my butt:/ Lol
    Not only that, I am an older mother who wants to be healthier. With this diet
    and cutting calories I am still tired but hoping that will soon end.
  • RachelM2130
    RachelM2130 Posts: 15 Member
    When I struggled to breathe, after running after the bus. Just that feeling of, I’m struggling here to breathe after a 5 min run to get the bus. I want to be healthy and happy. I want to improve my cardio skills and if losing weight comes with it then it’s a bonus.
  • BellaB1363
    BellaB1363 Posts: 249 Member
    When I'm out of breath walking up the stairs to the train at night. I avoid long stair climbs like the plague, but this one I have to do. And by the top I'm barely able to finish. Part of it is arthritis in my knees, but the bigger factor is my weight. The last time I lost the weight, it was no effort at all. That's where I want to be again.
  • lkpducky
    lkpducky Posts: 13,866 Member
    I've already been losing for a while, but a couple of recent HbA1C readings just edging into the prediabetes range (and diabetes runs in my family) have made me extra serious about it.
  • sriley721
    sriley721 Posts: 68 Member
    Someone asked if my mom (size 2) was my real mom.