Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • sallyfacekiller
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    the realization im goin to college in the fall and the fact that i rarely take photos because i hate how round i look in comparison to all my friends who dress in M-XS clothing
  • deeblues13
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    Having 2 kids eating what i want when i want over the last few years ive put on a couple stone im now 180lbs and would like to be around 140 so i can fit in my old clothes
  • OooohToast
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    I wasn't actually bothered about my weight as long as my health markers were fine (yes, ignoring BMI :smiley: ) and it didnt stop me from doing anything. Once my BP went la-la, I changed my WOE the next day - 35lb down, BP out of the red zone and much better habits have been established to the point it feels a bit weird to do anything else.
  • OooohToast
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    When I started to feel like crap all the time and had multiple palpitations daily as well as a couple panic attacks with scary symptoms (cold sweat, racing heart, tight chest.) Also, my blood pressure crept up to 170/90, sometimes 178/110 when stressed. Cardiologist said my heart sounded fine and prescribed me blood pressure medication.

    That was 4 months ago, and so far, I have lost 76lb.

    76lb is amazing in that timeframe - well done ! Has their been much of a shift in your BP ?
  • dogWalkerTX
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    Been fat for too long.

    1. Weight has been the same for far too long. I have to take action to see changes.
    2. Caught a glimpse of myself on a security camera. Wow! That huge person is me?!
    3. Want to reduce risk for health problems.
    4. Want to look and feel better.
  • dougl004
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    Aerial2019 wrote: »
    I had a moment of realisation in a dress shop fitting room last week.

    I realised I would need to go up another dress size and buy a whole new wardrobe...again. At 217 lbs starting weight, I am now 2 entire dress sizes away from my beautiful "normal me size" wardrobe.

    I already had to buy a temporary, limited options wardrobe when I went up a size last year at around 190 lbs. Now I've gone up a second time. I keep very close control of my budget so this goes against everything that is reasonable!! Point blank, I refuse to pay to buy a wardrobe another size larger. It's a stupid waste of money and I won't do it!

    2 years ago I was in great shape. I used my Fitbit and it kept me on track. I connected with others and we did challenges together. Then I took a job that doesn't allow people to wear a smart watch or have a cell phone in the office... it all started going downhill from there. I lost the connections I had to keep me motivated and fitness took a back seat in my life.

    I'm a person who needs to exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Diet doesn't get it done, I need to move my body and compensate for my sedentary job. So I am hoping, day by day with access to my phone in the evenings, I can use MFP to keep me going, even without a smart watch. 3 days in and so far so good :)

    I wish you much success on your fitness journey. I have the same mindset as you. I refuse to buy another wardrobe in a bigger size!! It's an absolute waste of money. I've taken on a 60% vegetarian diet and exercise 4 days a week to help me get back on track. We can do this!!
  • dougl004
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    the realization im goin to college in the fall and the fact that i rarely take photos because i hate how round i look in comparison to all my friends who dress in M-XS clothing

    You got this!! I did a ton of walking around campus when I was in school and I feel like the weight just melted off during that time. Take advantage of the school fitness center too. Good Luck
  • dougl004
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    I was 190 lbs and I’m 5’2”. My age is 42. I am down to 175! Woohoo! I want to be at 150. I was afraid of my knees buckling from too much weight. My lower back hurt from the 20 pounds I gained in a year! I want to be able to move and breathe effortlessly. I don’t want to physically hurt or risk dying from overeating and not getting up and moving enough.

    Congrats on the weight loss!! You'll meet your goal before you know it.
  • dougl004
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    pfurrya wrote: »
    I was into dancing, and suddenly I couldn't bend like I used to because there were rolls of fat in the way. :D My double chin made falling asleep on long car journeys (passenger, obv!) more uncomfortable. And all the clothes I'd been happily wearing for over a decade no longer fitted, and it's hell on earth trying to find trousers and jeans that fit my new shape.

    Dance those rolls away!! You have to get back to dropping it like it's hot 😉
  • dougl004
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    When I stopped wearing scrubs and realized none of my “real” clothes fit anymore. Have to get my life together!

    OMG I have the same problem. My scrubs have been masking how much weight I've really gained. I went to wear some shorts the other day and couldn't get them past my freaking knees. I'll be getting my life together with you.
  • jemarsh32
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    I began putting on weight two years ago-bought new fat clothes. Then, I couldn’t fit in those clothes and busted two zippers. Still I thought I looked fine and got larger clothes... again and again. A few weeks ago I couldn’t fit into any those clothes, jeans couldn’t be buttoned and I was busting out of every shirt. I got on the scale and realized I was at an all time high and had gained over 60 pounds in two years. I’m still barely fit in anything and am determined to loose the weight. The first time I out grew my clothes I should have realized but I wasn’t ready to except or change. Now I’ve out grown my stuff for the last time!
  • cayenne_007
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    When my jeans all got crazy tight and I ripped out a pair getting on a horse because my butt had expanded...........
  • Wildchildx1289
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    Last year, I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. After giving birth I went back to my old habits of eating whatever I wanted. I really wanted sweets while pregnant and I was determined to have them again. A few weeks ago I found out I am pre-diabetic, and I really need to change my habits for my two children. A friend said to me "if I am on that path, your kids are most likely are too." I knew it to be absurd since they are on a different balanced diet than myself. I skimped my diet for them, but it freaked me out nonetheless. So, here I an changing 20+years of eating habits, to keep my family healthy.