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Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • dougl004
    dougl004 Posts: 93 Member
    Happy Holidays and I hope everyone meets their health goals in the New Year 😊
  • healingnurtrer
    healingnurtrer Posts: 212 Member
    I took my 7 year old to his wellness checkup doctor appointment and he was asking lots of questions after. I was explaining health key indicators- weight, blood pressure, etc. and then we were reading up on wikipedia about health issues. I saw page after page that said risk factors: obesity. This was information I already knew but after seeing it over and over again I just said to myself- what am I doing? I've got to take care of this! I want to lower my risk of these health issues!
    That was the final straw but there are so many reasons. Being at a healthy weight will affect so many aspects of my life in a positive way.
  • katsheare
    katsheare Posts: 1,075 Member
    Watching my mother and both her parents taking blood sugars because of T2 diabetes in all three cases. And also pragmatism: There is an extremely good chance I will be solo caretaker to our learning disabled autistic child for much of my later life. I want to go into that as strong as I can. I never had all that much to lose (40lbs max), but it's the fitness that I needed to underpin everything.
  • MoKaaz
    MoKaaz Posts: 203 Member
    Not super interesting, I went through a period of just eating everything an not caring at all. This lead to being very unhappy and when a family member of mine was diagnosed with diabetes I decided that would not be my fate.
  • jeslz
    jeslz Posts: 49 Member
    A lot happened to make me change this time. My mother’s second cancer diagnosis last year was a big one. Knowing that I have a genetic predisposition to this and that obesity is a massive risk factor was a kick up the *kitten*.

    Then this year I really struggled during my field hockey games. I have never been fit and quick, but I was so slow and out of breath. I really struggled. And my skills were *kitten* because I couldn’t get low enough to do what I needed.

    And lastly I realised I couldn’t do up my shoelaces properly. I couldn’t put socks on if I already had jeans on. It made me feel like a loser.

    So I went to the doctor, got a referral to a surgeon and got weight loss surgery, which I was very against doing before. It was a big step, but the change I needed to make.
  • netitheyeti
    netitheyeti Posts: 538 Member
    I was around 19-20 years old when I was at my biggest and I couldn't fit into what was the biggest regular womens size in most shops anymore (I think that was EU size 48 and I needed a size 50 or 52?)... while being only 5'2
  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 1,979 Member
    jimb2u wrote: »
    My “turning point” was June of 2018 and I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and my clothes had gotten tight...again (3XB shirts that I had to buy just a few months earlier). I decided to try Intermittent Fasting based on advice from a good friend who has been bodybuilding for decades. I started at 330.2 pounds on July 1, 2018. I started with 16/8 (fasting for 16 hours and eating all of my calories in an 8 hour window) daily and was highly motivated which helped get through the initial retraining of my habits (snacking throughout the day, 3 big meals and eating a lot of processed food). It became a “less hard” than easier...than just the way I live my life. I slowly moved from 16/8 to 18/6 and then 20/4 to my current 22-24 hour per day OMAD schedule.

    I’ve been doing some duration of IF daily for almost 18 months now and have lost 167.2 pounds as of this morning-12/12/2019 (from 330.2 pounds to 163.0 pounds at 6’3”). I am still working on reducing my body fat % and getting healthier but no longer looking to lose any more weight (something I never thought I would say).

    The picture on the left (a purple shirt) was at the end of July 2018 at 310.0 pounds- after already losing 20 pounds. The picture on the right was taken on November 24, 2019 and I weighed 165.1 pounds that morning

    What an incredible transformation! Great job!
    HDBKLM Posts: 464 Member
    Resolutioner bump. Happy New Year everybody!
  • Sixxmotley
    Sixxmotley Posts: 58 Member
    Just absolutely tired of feeling terrible and worrying about my health. I am also vain so there is that. I am looking for all the friends and support I can get. I was on here a few years ago and lost a good amount and felt great. I need that support back.
  • dougl004
    dougl004 Posts: 93 Member
    I hope everyone is staying motivated as we begin to close out the month of January!! Everyday you are one step closer to your goal. 💞💞