Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • KimberlyCapone
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    Had an emergency stent put in the widow maker (left ascending coronary artery or LAD) on my daughter’s 15th birthday on January 21, 2015 at age 38. Fast forward four years later to January 31,2019 and I was undergoing bypass surgery for that same artery at 300 lbs and 42 years of age. I am a fairly active high school public safety instructor, school resource officer and paramedic and up until last year was a coach as well. I decided I was too young for this crap and that I can’t very well do my job on the ambulance being overweight and out of shape while trying to tell my patients to quit smoking, get active, and try to cut back on junk food so they can get to a healthier weight. True enough I don’t smoke, but realized I was being hypocritical by being fat and short winded myself. I need to get my own crap together. I’m too young for this mess. So, losing weight, trying to run and eating healthier.

    You look WAY too young to be having all those issues! Stick with it, your body and family will thank you!
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    Oh I am. Luckily I have not had a heart attack yet and mine was caught both ones before it got to that point. That is the second time I’ve taken myself to the cardiologist and knew something was amiss. In 2015, I didn’t even have a cardiologist, I just went there and told them something was going on and to check me. I am trying to make sure there isn’t a third time for next 40 or 50 years!
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    Want to look
    Good and feel good simply put
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    I moved
    Simple as that, I now live in a condo where there are a lot of activities. I decided to go to an exercise class, now going 3 times a week! Exercise alone isn't going to do it so I came back to MFP to begin logging again 3 years ago I dropped 30 lbs but gained 20 back. Now I am committed
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    My health problems are getting worse because of being morbidly obese, including severe shoulder and back pain. Also, I was so embarrassed last summer when I couldn't walk up a hill, and just being in my swim suit. I'm just tired of being so big.
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    Realized I was getting older and didn’t want to feel or look that way. Also want to enjoy life more by having the energy to hike long hours in nature and visit as many places as possible. Now physically I feel and look several years younger for the most part and have much more energy.