Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • nissanmama
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    I crossed over the 200 pound mark. I can't zip up my boots. I'll be 50 in two years. I don't want to be old and fat. Seriously though, I'm in my own way.
  • genericuser138
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    Because I hate being fat. I hate being terrified of chairs. I hate that in high school I couldn't wear band shirts because they weren't my size. I hate that there are a lot of activities that I am to heavy to do because of weight limits. Being fat sucks. I hate it.

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    rach021979 wrote: »
    Oh my gosh the button thing made me laugh! I think it was when my boyfriend said..in a sexy way...mmmmm that gut. (it was hanging out) WHAT!? NO! There is no sexy mmmmmm about a GUT! lol.

    Lol.......my hubs and I call my gut "Tina the talking tummy" I agree it's so not a good look. Cheers to becoming gutless.
  • jeremykleinhans
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    I was chasing my 14 month old son around the house and I couldn't keep up. I was out of breathe so darn quick. I got an image in my head of telling him when he's older "Not right now. Daddy's tired." Screw that! I want to be able to join my son in whatever physical activity it is he wants me to.
  • hyacinth819
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    I've been overweight forever and when I was pregnant with my son back in 2013 I gained 30 more pounds that I still haven't lost. So here I am almost 18 months later and I'm ready to start trying for number two. But I don't want to get pregnant until I lose the last of the previous baby weight. I don't want to be the fat mom.
  • breefoshee
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    I don't know that I've ever woken up in my adult life without the thought that I need to lose weight. It will be great when I get to maintenance and the thought is to maintain instead of losing.
  • MaryPoppinsIAint
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    Realizing that 100 pounds ago I thought I was fat. Looking at pictures from high school and thinking, "I don't remember being that thin." Paying $70-90 to get a single bra that actually fits properly. Accepting that medical science is not going to be able to fix my connective tissue disorder anytime soon, and the only real ways to moderate the effects are losing real serious weight and lifting heavy to make the muscles do the job that the tendons can't. Having to get my gallbladder taken out & hearing 3 different versions of what I would then be able to eat from 3 different people, and discovering that I was one of the lucky ones who can pretty much eat anything, as long as I eat balanced and keep the portion size reasonable. Spending more and more time indoors and leaving my house less and less because it's too much work.

    Losing the first 30 pounds, then getting lazy and regaining 10-15 of it and the new smaller jeans I bought not fitting anymore. Getting it off again, then having another kid and managing to basically maintain (her 20lb of baby weight was gone in a week), but then gaining 8 because I wasn't paying attention in the weeks after birth. I'm now back down to the original 30, but I'm needing to get some serious going here, because I keep batting the same 2-4 pounds back & forth. Also need to go see my PT because my sciatic nerve is pinchy again and it makes it hard to move, let alone walk distance or lift much weight.

    There is a picture of my wedding dress on my desktop wallpaper. I weighed approximately 190 the day of our wedding, or 28 pounds less than right now. Our anniversary is in July, and I want to put my dress on again, and yes, wear it out with my husband. I'll be happy if I can get it under 200lb by then, but I have 23 weeks to lose that weight. Time to put it in gear.
  • I realized I needed to take control.when the diabetic nurse said my blood sugars had shot up.
  • jackievera
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    I have high blood pressure and my doctor told me to exercise. I also cannot shop at every store for clothes because I cannot fit them.
  • JeremyHigh
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    I bent over to tie my shoes and i started wheezing cause my stomach was in the way, i thought "i used to be a martial artist who could kick my own face without bending my knees and now i have the flexibility of a 2 by 4 thats not gonna cut it anymore"
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    jackievera wrote: »
    I have high blood pressure and my doctor told me to exercise. I also cannot shop at every store for clothes because I cannot fit them.

    High BP runs in my family so I'm watching my sodium intake and trying to stay under 2400mg daily.
  • bainsworth1a
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    I'm not getting any younger hoping to get healthier and add a few years to my life
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    I'm not getting any younger hoping to get healthier and add a few years to my life

    No better time than the present to get fit.
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    I'm only 44 & have had 2 heart attacks. And one time I was hospitalized for 4 days because they couldn't get my blood pressure down. I have a 3 year old I want to see grow up & a 24 year old that I want to be able to spoil her kids.
  • Westenfor
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    When I found my old favorite jacket and I couldn't even get it on my arms.
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    Westenfor wrote: »
    When I found my old favorite jacket and I couldn't even get it on my arms.

    This happened to me also. I'm determined to fit back into my favorite blazer.
  • Its because of my medical result. Cholesterol, triglycerides, sgpt, sgot reached beyond its limit and i'm only 22 years old during that time.
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    When i do some water sport and need to jump in the water from a 5 meter ledge. The people watching screams when i finally jump and the water splash so hard & high. hahah~