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So I thought maybe we could all use this to get something off of our chests. Confess to anything pertaining to your weight loss journey, it may even be a helpful tip for others! :)'

Please please PLEASEEEE refrain from being mean. :)

Here goes it!

I wear a trash bag under my clothing when I exercise and also for about half of my day.
Yeah it's not as sophisticated as a Wrap or Those belly wrap things but honestly I like it better. It covers my whole upper body besides my neck, head, and arms. Maybe one of you do the same thing :P


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    I did that when I was in a weight loss comp, but only on the last day. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water while doing that!
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    I wear a trash bag under my clothing when I exercise and also for about half of my day

    Yeah ... uhhh ... I'm gonna have to go on ahead and judge that one, anyway, mmmm-kay?


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    I ate an entire 8oz. package of Philly cream cheese early this week (with a spoon, too LOL). Logged 2oz. a day over the next several days, as to hide my shameful binge.

    To OP, no judgment from me (as you can see, I've only told you the least stupid thing I've done ;) )--but please stop the "homemade Sauna suit" for exercising. It does nothing good, and is potentially dangerous. Same goes for the overprice "Wrap" products. They "Don't" work (except for emptying your wallet).

    Lol! It's okay williams I know you guys aren't being mean. I'm taking it off and jumping in the shower then drinking some good ole water. You're right it's stupid! Thanks for caring! :)

    You got this! Thank you for taking the advice in the kind, yet strong, manner in which it was given. Yep, we ALL do stupid stuff. Umm, I had used one of those rubber/latex sport "waist trainers" after my last child was born--Oooh, horrible way to find out I am allergic to latex (and it didn't work, either, just gross blisters, despite wearing a cami under it).