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How much was your vacation weight gain?

meyerstwilight6meyerstwilight6 Member Posts: 72 Member Member Posts: 72 Member
I am getting married in less than 3 weeks and going to Aruba for a week for my honeymoon. I plan on enjoying myself and not going crazy with counting calories. I definitely don't plan to binge or just eat everything in sight but I do expect some what of a weight gain when I come back. What was your damage after a week of honeymooning or vacationing and how long did it take for you to take it off?


  • taycheesetaycheese Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
    I vacationed with my parents a few months ago, at a place that had a pool and there was also the ocean nearby, so I made sure to utilize both of those to burn calories, while still having fun on vacation. I was gone for a week and "gained" 4 pounds, I just got back on the wagon when I got home. I didn't watch what I ate or drank there....but I didn't go too crazy.
  • __Di____Di__ Member Posts: 1,636 Member Member Posts: 1,636 Member
    I usually gain around 4lbs too. Mind you, I did have one holiday whereby I actually LOST 2lbs during the two weeks! I was playing lots of water volleyball and other activities though, that would have been why the loss.
  • Mokey41Mokey41 Member Posts: 5,769 Member Member Posts: 5,769 Member
    Lost one on a 3 week trip to Germany. Ate well but not pigging out and we walked a lot. There's no reason to gain weight just because you are on vacation. Eating too much doesn't make it a happier trip.
  • JulieAnn72JulieAnn72 Member Posts: 805 Member Member Posts: 805 Member
    I gained 2.5 lbs on Spring Break and it took about 2 1/2 weeks to lose it after that.
  • myofibrilmyofibril Member Posts: 4,500 Member Member Posts: 4,500 Member
    I've just come back from holiday.

    I gained 0.1 kgs.

    No logging. Just eating to hunger and doing lots of fun things like dancing, swimming, elephant riding...

    MFP is simply training wheels so that you can learn about portion size, balanced diet, true hunger rather than boredom and so on. You can then apply the lessons learned unconsciously without then worrying about calorie counting consciously.
  • MelissaL582MelissaL582 Member Posts: 1,420 Member Member Posts: 1,420 Member
    We went on a vacation in early April for a week and I gained 5lbs. I want to assume half of it was
  • norcal_yoginorcal_yogi Member Posts: 683 Member Member Posts: 683 Member
    i always lose on vacations! crazy, but true. probably mostly water due to no 'real' workouts etc...
  • sweetpea03bsweetpea03b Member Posts: 1,128 Member Member Posts: 1,128 Member
    I gained 5# on my honeymoon (3 day cruise) i'm sure some of it was water weight but I definately pigged out :)
  • redhead1910redhead1910 Member Posts: 316 Member Member Posts: 316 Member
    I spent 2 months in the Philippines and I gained 8-10 pounds unfortunately...
  • courtneymal17courtneymal17 Member Posts: 691 Member Member Posts: 691 Member
    I've gone both ways. Last year my vacation to Florida was super active (without particularly trying to be, other than running 3x a week). I took a lot of walks on the beach, played beach volleyball, went paddleboarding, and walked my butt off allllll over Disney. That time I actually lost almost 4 lbs. I wasn't super strict with my calories...I indulged in plenty of drinks, but since it's near the ocean I didn't have a super hard time picking delicious but decent options for food calorie wise. I wasn't SUPER strict, but if I was looking at menus I made an effort to at least try to find something healthier. Other times I've been AWFUL and ate and drank anything in sight and barely moved off the pool lounger. My advice would be to do little things to make sure you aren't going totally over board. Drink a lot of water, particularly because you'll be in a hot climate, so stay hydrated!! Take walks on the beach/through town/whatever. Try finding some active fun things to do. Swim in the pool/ocean if it's possible. Watch the # of fruity drinks and cocktails....they're delicious but omg the calories! Just don't go overboard with them. It's your honeymoon you should DEFINITELY enjoy, just be mindful of not ordering 4 and 5 haha! Also just kinda try to make things a little healthier if it's an option. Choose the healthier thing if you'r between two meal what kind of dressings are on salads, skip the mayo on burgers...that type of thing. I don't blame you for not wanting to count calories, just have fun!!
  • nicoleashley_24nicoleashley_24 Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    My stomach doesn't deal with travel well so i don't find myself hungry at all but even with all the margaritas and carbs I ate, I still lost a pound on my last vacation.
  • aldousmomaldousmom Member Posts: 414 Member Member Posts: 414 Member
    I can gain 4lbs in a week or two of vacation, but that's only b/c I have to eat restaurant food which always has too much salt oil and sugar, and processed ingredients. Usually returning to super clean eating at home, and drinking plenty of water has it gone in a couple of days. I do try order healthier food....I care about my health even when on vacation.
  • teagirlmediumteagirlmedium Member Posts: 679 Member Member Posts: 679 Member
    I just got back from holiday, left May 24th got back June 2nd. I gained 8.6 pounds. I ate and drank everything I could. I am starting back on my diet today. So I do not know how long it will take me to drop the weight.
  • dsjohndrowdsjohndrow Member Posts: 1,828 Member Member Posts: 1,828 Member
    I lost a little on each one.
  • odddrumsodddrums Member Posts: 342 Member Member Posts: 342 Member
    It really depends on how long the vacation is. I just took a week off from caring and haven't worked out in 12 days because work got really busy, but I've only gained a pound or 2 by eating without overeating, though I was definitely eating more [and drinking a lot more] than I usually do.

    One thing that helps is not eating super late and drinking a lot of water, but honestly I'd say just stop caring for a bit and get back to it when you get back. If you're gone for 2 weeks or less it won't change too much.

    Also congratulations!
  • boatsie77boatsie77 Member Posts: 480 Member Member Posts: 480 Member
    Went on 7-day cruise and gained 2.2 lbs--lost that plus some the following week. I didn't count calories or log exercise or any of that--just enjoyed myself and ate and drank 'normally.'

    When I booked the cruise, I signed up to compete in a Mud Run 2 weeks after it would return--so when I hit dry land I had to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle--and it worked! Suggest you sign up for a 5K a couple of weeks after your trip too.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 38,131 Member Member Posts: 38,131 Member
    I tend to lose weight on vacation. I tend to be a lot more active in general...out and about seeing what there is to see, etc. Also, always a lot of activities planned...snorkeling, swimming, scuba, hiking, paddling, etc. With all of that activity, I tend to not be sitting around eating and what not either...though I go through my fair share of beer. Also, most places I tend to vacation also tend to be places where people walk a lot just to get around.
  • saxmaniacsaxmaniac Member Posts: 1,141 Member Member Posts: 1,141 Member
    MFP is simply training wheels so that you can learn about portion size, balanced diet, true hunger rather than boredom and so on. You can then apply the lessons learned unconsciously without then worrying about calorie counting consciously.

    Exactly this. I maintain through vacations. Sometimes I log, sometimes I don't.

    With a little bit of mindful eating, I can gain 0 permanent pounds. Often, I will gain 4-5 pounds of water weight and then it comes right back off in a few days - it's not fat. The trick is not to get freaked out at temporary changes.
  • amandajones1978amandajones1978 Member Posts: 140 Member Posts: 140
    Last August when I went to the beach with family I enjoyed myself, I didnt go crazy overboard but I didnt restrict what I ate.

    I gained 4 pounds, but when I got back I lost it in 2 weeks being back on my eating and exercise plan.
  • passionflwr1passionflwr1 Member Posts: 31 Member Member Posts: 31 Member
    I actually lost a couple pounds on our honeymoon, but we were on Maui and did a lot of activities!
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