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    I have a bottle of activated charcoal tablets in my medicine chest, right next to the ipecac. Thankfully, they've never been used...I have them for Poison Control emergencies with the children.

    One-time doses of charcoal are sometimes given to help determine rate of digestion. Beets are a more pleasant alternative.

    according to herbalists (so take it with a giant grain of pink Himalayan salt) burdock root and shitake mushrooms are good for liver health. If you are determined to "detox" from your alcohol use, go ahead and make a nice burdock and mushroom soup. It probably won't do anything for you, but it will taste lovely, which is something I look for in food.

    For anyone with legitimate liver issues, or with pets that have liver issues:
    I'd skip those for milk thistle, SAM-E supplements, and slippery elm (slippery elm is for the nausea that often accompanies liver failure). They actually do work. They're regularly prescribed by both physicians and vets when liver function is compromised.

    But the real question is, why take anything if there's nothing wrong with you? It's just a waste of money. And potentially dangerous, depending on what combination of supplements and herbs you decide to take. I'll never understand it.

    But those don't taste as good. I only go for woo broscience when it's yummy.