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If You Ate Whatever you wanted, no excersize, what do you think would be your stable bmi/ weight?



  • flailx
    flailx Posts: 14 Member
    cloudi2 wrote: »
    It must have been frightening to have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Did the diabetes settle down or stop?

    I enjoy eating well too, and I dont mind buying fresh foods and cooking them at home. It seems to help.
    Yes, it was frightening. My lifestyle change actually began when I left the Doctor's office. I started with cutting soda (totally), most sugar and very low carbs. I lost my weight fairly quickly and I was off the diabetes meds after about 4-5 months. My blood sugar is now in the normal range.

    Cooking at home is definitely the way to go. We used to eat out or get takeout 7-8 times a week (lunches and dinner). Now it's maybe 1-2. It's hard to eat low cal at most restaurants, though if you're careful, it's possible.

  • samrunsfast
    samrunsfast Posts: 15 Member
    Back in the day when I ate whatever and didn't exercise on purpose I stayed around 175-185. After my pregnancy though I really took on a lifestyle of being fit and watching what I eat. Now, if I don't watch what I eat (but still workout because it is a hobby) I stay at 160. I'm 5'4'' and 28% body fat.I hate the BMI numbers.
  • stealthq
    stealthq Posts: 4,298 Member
    cloudi2 wrote: »
    stealthq wrote: »
    I'd probably bounce around between 130 and 142. If I hit a really stressful time, I'd drop farther, maybe close to what I am now. That's what I did before, and I don't think much has changed. That's in the healthy range as far as BMI, but not so much as far as %BF.

    Thats interesting and I completely relate to it because that is what I would have said my years prior to menopause.

    I hope you have a different experience from mine. However, it may not have been menopause that caused me to gain more than usual anyway, there were other factors that may have caused it, so I don't think its inevitable, its probably not in everybody's case. But the reduction in my weight after that set me on a path of disaster and underweight unfortunately.

    Anxiety can cause weight loss in my case too. Sometimes I deal with stress by not eating enough.

    I'm glad you posted this its made me think, thank you.

    Unlikely menopause will have much of an effect on my weight, at least based on family history. Other than making the women in my family even more short-tempered than usual, it hasn't had much impact at all.
  • tamatisk
    tamatisk Posts: 17 Member
    When I eat whatever I want and don't exercise on purpose (just normal walking around) I tend to hover around 52 kg. If I exercise and try to limit junk I go down to 49-50 kg. I find it very hard to loose any weight but my focus is to be healthy so it's not too much of a problem.
  • faduma123
    faduma123 Posts: 58 Member
    5 hunnid lol
  • onyxgirl17
    onyxgirl17 Posts: 1,721 Member