What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    That sitting can hurt your tailbone
    Leaning on a kitchen island hurts your ribs / hip bones.

    yeah, that lack of padding issues.

    Yep I bruised mine. Sitting is agony even with a fancy cushion and chair
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    when I lay on my side and my knees touch --so uncomfortable

    I hate this as well - I couldn't work out how on earth I was bruising the INSIDES of my knees, until I twigged that it was the result of my knees clanking together. Sleeping is dreadfully uncomfortable now :(

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    misjent wrote: »
    Your morning breadth will be just horrific!

    So glad you said this! I kind of thought it was just me! But yeah...it is horrible!

    Never heard of this. Does any body have a medical reason your breath would change?
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    se539 wrote: »

    Never heard of this. Does any body have a medical reason your breath would change?

    This could be why:


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    Osiris275 wrote: »
    After loosing 116lb so far, the realisation that I'm actually quite attractive - not meaning to sound arrogant but when men first started looking at me I would check I didn't have something on my face lol and I took it while to get that they were looking at me because I looked good lol xx

    I long for this day <3 awesome.

    If anyone ever looked at me if assume they were trying to play a trick or making a joke. I hope I can get to the stage where I accept it as a compliment. :)

    Awww. I hope you get to that stage because if I saw you, I'd smile because I'd think how happy you looked hanging out with your dog.
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    That fundamentally, a diet starts with knowledge and research, not f***ing pseudo-science. One of the hardest parts of getting into the diet I am in (which is really delivering results so far) is that I simply didn't have a good diet plan, I didn't know what foods to avoid, I didn't know what foods to eat, and I didn't know what time of the day to eat them. When I talk about pseudo-science, I'm talking about those who believe weight loss can be solved with 'emotions' and 'psychology', like my mum was a great example of this. She used to say "what causes you to eat badly? Is it stress from work? Do you eat because you're unhappy?"..... "errr, no, it's because I genuinely have no idea what I should be eating". I understand that food addictions can be caused by emotions and what not, but ultimately, pseudo-science and psychology only really helps with the very few. A great many people don't lose weight, because they simply don't know how too.

    Eventually, I spent about an hour talking to a guy at work who was very overweight as a young adult, and lost a lot of weight using a low GI diet and lots of discipline. I started to follow his diet, his recommendations, low and behold, the weight is falling off me. Knowledge, research and desire, that's all you need.

    I wouldn't be so quick to knock psychology and emotions when it comes to eating.

    I knew the correct foods to eat. I just didn't eat them. I ate to deal with stress, negative feelings, and so on. I'm glad you've never experienced this problem yourself, but some of us have. In fact, learning to recognize WHY I ate the way I did was ultimately what helped me change my eating habits.

    As I said, I am not failing to acknowledge them, but I am pointing out that (imo) a lot of people who do eat poorly do so because they lack the knowledge. I believe psychological and emotional eaters are representing perhaps a smaller minority. A lot of people eat poorly, simply because they don't know how to eat well.