What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    A few stores I went to lately don’t even carry my size in pants. The smallest they sell is size 4, which are more like an 8 with vanity sizing. 😩 I got a few gift cards for my birthday to Christopher and banks but their clothes are too big. It’s kind of sad that stores don’t even carry below size 4 anymore because of how overweight the population is.


    Sidebar: Did anybody else here read the Sweet Valley High novels in the 80s and remember that the Wakefield twins were described as being a perfect size 6? Hello vanity sizing: if their size 6 were my current size 6—wherein I can still pinch not just an inch but full handfuls from my torso—I'm not sure they'd have been considered quite the specimens of physical perfection they were being represented as being.

    Haha, I read all the sweet valley high books!!! I’ve never been a six. Was an 8 once. I’m a 14-16 now, but down from 22 - so I’ll take it. maybe one day I will be a 10 again...
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    Tops I own in size small are now too big. Whaaat? Am I going to have to start shopping i. The junior’s dept? A leather jacket I’ve owned since I was in my 30s - when I was a size 4 - is now too big. Not happy about that one. Losing weight when you’re older is really weird.

    I have definitely already picked some things up in the juniors by accident, lol (through thrifting), they were larges, fortunately, but they fit perfectly. I still have about 25 to lose and I'm quite petite, so I'll be needing those junior sizes.
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    I am on a rollercoaster in terms of body image. If I look in the mirror or try on clothes, and sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my thighs when biking, I see that I am smaller. However, if I just look down at my naked belly, it looks the same as ever.

    As to the guys, I have notices some guys checking me out over the last week or two. I did not miss that feeling. However, I am lucky in knowing that my husband met me at about the weight I am now, perhaps a bit more and married me at a heavier weight.

    I have had your exact same experience with body image. Looking down at myself, I see no difference, even though it's obvious in the mirror. I'm only now just starting to see it while looking at myself, but I still have my up and down days. Usually that has to do with my period, lol.
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    Brilliant posts, ladies.