What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    The position of my "waist" (the narrowest part of my torso) has shifted down. Used to be right under my breasts, but is now at more of a "natural" position. My waist belts have therefore shifted down, and do look much more flattering in their new position.

    My natural waist is very high. It can either be an advantage or an annoyance, depending on the cut of the garment! I can't say I've noticed it shifting dramatically as I lost weight, though.

    As a fellow short person, I can see the advantages, haha. Usually my skirts hit just right because I wear the skirt so high on my torso. Otherwise, they'd be too long.

    Another short-person advantage - I can buy all the dresses with online reviews complaining about them being too short for work! :laugh:

    Downside - maxi dresses are pretty much a no-go. I swear I've seen some maxi dresses that look longer than I am tall.

    True! I've never found a maxi-dress I can wear.
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    @RelCanonical Are you handy at all with a sewing machine? The good thing about our problem is that lots of times, hems can be raised. (Not that I do it. I'm well aware that my energy and free time will not be invested in hemming a dress right now...)

    Just last year I learned how to sew a button back on to a shirt. I was so proud of myself.

    Congrats on learning to sew on a button! A few key sewing skills can save a lot of money!

    But...if you can find a seamstress/tailor it can be a big timesaver too. I'm good around a sewing machine but even I send items to a professional on occasion.
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