What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Veins on the forehead! Didnt know that was a thing
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    [quote="Brennen11;c-46736180"How sick of thinking about food you can get.[/quote]

    So I would like a litte more explanation here, are you into weight loss for a year now fantasizing about food and you are sick of it? Or, are you like, "Can't believe I think I want to eat that, yuck!"
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    @justanotherloser007 I can empathize with you on the loss of your wardrobe. I had a few pieces I absolutely loved in my "old" size but ultimately either stuffed in a trash bag to donate or throw away (depending on the item's condition). It felt good to purge my closet, but the sense of loss was there.

    The biggest issue I have right now is that I am going through this again in my "new" size. My friend gave me a terrific wardrobe when he lost weight - all designer clothes that were practically new. I've been able to wear all of the items for a few months and now I'm noticing the same issue I had previously; most notably, the shirts are hanging way too long and loose on my frame. I don't want to give these items away and they'll cost a fortune to replace, but I may be forced to at some point soon.

    If they are designer sell them on eBay or fb market place or Vinted if your country has that. You can use the money you make towards other clothes! I’m on a buy no new clothes ban this year (except for undergarments) and I’ve saved a ton of £££ on clothes