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    Nobody told me about: taste bud reset. Brand new taste buds? And it has happened to me at least 3 times on this journey, so I know it is a thing. I bet people call it something reasonable, because I am not great with the words and such. (If there is a thread out there about this, I would like to find it, just because I would like to see how long it took others to do it - and what was involved, SCIENCE!).

    First time: So when I increased protein to "normal human" amounts, I started not really liking my free range carbs as much after three months. This won't apply to everyone, but you protein starvers know who I am talkin bout! Yeah, the carb loaders only. So, while I absolutely chaffed at the amount of protein I was supposed to eat .8 times your ultimate goal weight (because I won't eat more than that and that was the smallest protein calculator I could find lols). It changed what I crave, what I am willing to eat, how food tastes to me. Carbs, which I still eat ya'll, just aren't all the addictive shizm shazm younger me thought they were.

    Second time: Then, since I wasn't craving carbs as much, I figured I would fiber load my diet. Yeah, so I was freakin hungry, so sue me. I eat a high fiber diet. Now, I will not even consider a "carb only" meal - which was my comfort food go to pretty much all day every day. And no, I didn't get diabetes, and I have no idea why, other than it doesn't generally run in the family? Or, I am the only one (out of 2) who isn't an alcoholic? Not sure.

    Third time: It was only 40 days (6 weeks)! 2022 Lent. Now all my favorite diet sodas taste like crap. Pfft. I somehow reset my taste buds in record time. By using stevia sweeteners and water only. It is the only reason I can come up with.

    I am beginning to think that now I have broken my taste buds, I can eat and tolerate just about any foods just as long as I get a decent amount of protein macros. No, I don't really want to test the theory by only eating locusts with honey for a couple of months, but I am thinking I might do okay with that sort of thing over time.

    Free Range Carbs! Love it. I think of those as Cheetos and Tortilla chips! Funny.
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    @justanotherloser007 that's awesome, and you know what, even if it is just a rumor it is worth a shot, heck why not! Thanks so much for the suggestion, I think I have a couple of ideas of how to fold more oil into my macros. I will report back on my experiment and let folks know how it goes (although I am hoping the cold is almost done for the season at this point 😂)
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    I feel cold quite often now vs pre-weight loss. After losing the first 25 lbs the difference is kind of shocking to me. Before I was almost always too hot. Even in the dead of winter. Makes me wonder how it's going to be after I lose another 60 lbs.

    On the upside, I'm hoping this means that I'll be able to tolerate the summer heat a little easier this year.

    I too am cold almost all the time. I wear long sleeves, that can be rolled up, and layers. I was the last time I lost a lot of weight before also. I don't remember it only being during a calorie deficit, like @Sand_TIger said. I'm hoping I just forgot and can look forward to that! Summer is much better, as I remember. More comfortable, less sweating and less heat rashes!

    This is absolutely my experience to a T. I found that I am always cold now and for me at least it does not appear to be a deficit issue as I have been in maintenance for over three years. I was wondering if it was a circulatory issue, but it has to be the insulation. I have found that it has moderately improved over the last year as I have been trying to put more muscle on but the coldness is always there. Great for my AC bill in the summer, not great for my heating bill in the winter (damn you Nebraska and your cold winters). Even when I splurge on a meal or two in the winter it is still there. Not that it is super healthy, but I have found a couple of glasses of whiskey does help though :smile:

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