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  • Christinaluvly
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    Please add me! I'm a nice lady! haha
  • MShayne2414
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    Add me if you'd like!
  • Add me please!
  • melmarko78
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    Add me :)
  • soniaangel35
    soniaangel35 Posts: 9 Member
    Anyone that is serious about getting healthy and weight loss please feel free to add me. I need all the inspiration and motivation I can get. Hopefully I will inspire you also. Have a great day!
  • jnmrie
    jnmrie Posts: 145 Member
    I love adding friends with similar goals! Currently 271, looking to get down to 199! :smile:
  • baillywagner
    baillywagner Posts: 4 Member
    Hey Everyone!

    I recently quit my job and moved so that my s.o. could take a promotion. I have been struggling with my weight all of my life and I finally woke up when I got on a clients scale and it read over 200 (I was 150 in high school and have been 180 most of my adult life and just don't feel good). I have gained 20 lbs in less than 4 months!

    My dad weighs 300 lbs and I am terrified that if I don't make a change for the better and meet this goal, I am headed in that direction.

    It's time to make a change. Feel free to add me if you are in the 50 lb or so loss group. Let's do this together!!!
  • HealthyCrys
    HealthyCrys Posts: 20 Member
    I would like to lose 60 pounds, I'm 5'9. Please add me for motivation & support. Thanks :)
  • jenn04w
    jenn04w Posts: 46 Member
    Currently 5'1. 161lbs. Looking to get to 130's, would love 120's. Feel free to add me and remember 'The body achieves what the mind believes'
  • ConorElliot
    ConorElliot Posts: 21 Member
    Feel free to add me! :)
  • kingjames801
    kingjames801 Posts: 18 Member
    Feel free to add me, always nice to meet new people with the same goals. Gotta stay motivated!
  • Angie_1986
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    Feel free to add me :-) :-) :-) :-)
  • Annedreeahh
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    Add me =]
  • spngnetwork
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    I wouldn't mind being encouraged and hearing some success stories. Add me :smiley:
  • msroww
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    Re-joined today, could use more friends!
  • BillBailey88
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    Started up again, looking for friends on here, feel free to add me
  • You can certainly add me as well! ;)
  • m0nsterrrx
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    Friends request welcome!
  • msjuanita15
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    Add me too. I've logged in for 23 days straight now:)
  • gjz123
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    Hi everyone :) feel free to add me I don't know how to add people sorry I havnt worked it out. Would be great to have some friend so we can help each other out :) good luck all

    You can add me too. Someone needs to explain how...?