Friend Requests! Add Here!!



  • michaelallanson
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    Add me!
  • Sansan1984
    Sansan1984 Posts: 14 Member
    Feel free to add me love having new friends!!
  • kmyrs
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    As far as adding friends from this thread, if someone says OK to add them - do this:
    1. Click on their user name.
    2. I usually look at their newsfeed to see if they're on this app for the purpose of supporting fitness (only). No skanky pictures.
    3. Go to the little blue friend icon to the far right to request being added as their friend and click it. You can write a little message if you want.
    4. It sends them the request and that person has the option to accept and add the friend to their newsfeed or decline.
  • feel free to add me!
  • 19_84_jade
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    everyone feel free to add me :)
  • Cimmkar
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    Feel free to add me. Motivation is always welcome
  • abbeyoconnor99
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    Add me please :smile: desperately need new friends!
  • crunchyfinan
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    I can use all of the help I can get! :)
  • scarterrn
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    I'd like friends, please! Starting with a clean slate, and motivation is completely welcomed!
  • jefemullin
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    Add me too! Love seeing other people in the same boat on the home feed.
  • scottA216
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    Feel free to add me!! I can use all the modivation I can get and don't mind returning the favor.
  • msroww
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    Add me too! I accept everyone. Need more friends. (also my second post in here, didn't notice I already had :) )
    ROBOTFOOD Posts: 5,527 Member
    Y'all can add me. Distance runner, no diet, open diary :smile:
  • jt22274
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    Feel free to add me! :)
  • kingjames801
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    Anyone feel free to add me, more motivation never hurts and I'm always up for meeting new people
  • kasmsc42
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    Feel free to add me! Always looking to meet new people and share motivation!
  • pocketpunch
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    Feel free to add me
  • keef1972
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    always game for new friends, just send the request
  • lauramh7684
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    Add me :)
  • heathrlynn50
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    Feel free to add me! Need all the support I can get!!