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I've been thinking for a while about whether it would appropriate to post this or not, because I don't exactly consider it to be a success story. A success is when you accomplish a goal, and my goal has changed, with progress. We are all WIPs, our bodies will forever change.

Social anxiety and bipolar disorder don't go well with forums so I'll post this fast until I change my mind :)



  • sdonovan96
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    You look amazing! Congrats on a job well done! :)
  • quiksylver296
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    So very fabulous!!!
  • Sweetiepiestef
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    You definitely should post this! It is amazing! Congrats :)
  • prairiegirl0109
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    Gorgeous! You look amazing!! You should be very proud of yourself. xoxo
  • jsewell952
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    Amazing transformation - well done!
  • yopeeps025
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    That awesome.
  • GlassslippersAndFairyDust
    Looks like success to me. Freakin' awesome!! Congrats on your transformation! :)
  • vypressme
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    Wow, I didn't expect any replies. You guys are awesome!
  • belle_reve9
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    This is amazing!
  • Doreen9686
    Amazing results, thanks so much for posting. You are living proof that nothing is impossible! Such an inspiration :-)
  • GlassslippersAndFairyDust
    If you are willing to share, I would love some details. Like how long it took to accomplish this, your diet and of course your exercise routine. Looks lift you lift. Thanks for the motivation!
  • Lareessa
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    vypressme, you look amazing. Your transformation is so motivating. I wish you would share a little about your journey and what made you succeed. I'm very interested.
  • Jesslan_Rose
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    You look fantastic and Should be proud of all your hard work!!! You are definitely a success story!
  • mrsaha
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    Wow! You have done an amazing job and it's definitely a success story. I understand what you write about being a WIP, but that doesn't detract from your accomplishment at all; instead it just further reinforces that you are embracing a lifestyle change!
  • mildollarsmile
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    You look fantabulous!!! You should be very proud of all your hard work. Gorgeous girl!!
  • snowflake930
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    You may not consider this a total success story, but your transformation is amazing.!Congratulations on what you have accomplished! It is evident that you have put in a lot of hard work to get to this point. Continued success to you! You are an inspiration!
  • jamie_lee80
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    your muscle definition is awesome!!! I would love to be where you are someday! I would love to hear how you got there!
  • vypressme
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    edited March 2015
    I have always been overweight. In 2006, at 250 lbs, I stepped inside a gym for the first time, only to leave a month later, feeling humiliated and with absolutely no weight lost ( long story). But I had so many questions: why 20 reps of everything? Why wasn't I losing any weight even while working out for 4 hours a day? Why was everyone else so skinny when they ate more and exercised less? I decided to read. I wanted to lose weight, go back to that gym, and get back at my personal trainer :) So I've read and read and read, for 7 years! But guess what? I was still obese. I was fat, but my goal had changed. I didn't care about that trainer anymore. I wanted to get fit, become a personal trainer myself, and help people for free. People like me. You know? The kind who always undress in that corner of the locker room for shame (and probably ugly underwear too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ). The kind who can't afford a PT, the kind with health issues, and struggling to find the balance between a family life, and work, and schooling.

    I maybe wanted to compete, too... I just didn't dare dream of it, it seemed impossible for me. I thought that everyone would laugh, if I had only dared to say it. So instead, I told nothing to everyone, and everything to myself. I told myself that even if I don't lose the weight, a healthy diet and a bit of exercise cannot hurt. When I could only do a push-up, I said it's better than yesterday when I could do none. When I had only 10 minutes time to work out in a day, I said: "anything is better than nothing".

    I've lost 100 lbs in total. First 40 "happened" in only three months, as I was travelling for work and stayed at a bed and breakfast (and dinner) owned by a family who served real food. Any supermarkets or stores were too far to be worth a trip only for a chocolate bar. I had no car.
    It took some time for me to realize I had lost weight, and why, but after seeing that it was possible, and with all of that reading, which (surprise!) applied to me as well. On February 1st, 2014 I started eating healthy and exercising. At that time, "exercise" to me meant hopping around for 3 mins 55 seconds ( exactly the length of Jessie J. - Domino, what a coincidence). After a while I started strength training at home. I was still too scared to step in a gym, but this way I've lost the remainder of 60 lbs, in 5 months (feb-june).

    My diet is 1g of protein per lb, which makes 30% of total caloric intake, with complex carbs at 45%, and the remainder is fat. If I want to gain or lose weight, I adjust by no more than 10-15%, always keeping the same ratio. (Learned from the awesomest person in the entire world)
    As far as the actual food, it's a bit weird. I eat offal frequently (great protein and vitamin and minerals source, and cheap cheap cheap), and stuff like nettle, orach, and the like. I do have oatmeal too, yogurt, chicken so... I'm not completely derranged. There's hope :)


    No problem going to the gym now, and I encourage everyone around me to come with, if they want to. I will do my best to answer their questions, and remove insecurities.
    My NSV is that today I can squat my old bodyweight for reps... I always imagine that I am lifting my old self. Light weight, baby! And some day, maybe, one day - I will have enough knowledge, and look the part enough, to finally do that PTing thingie :smile:

    Till then, walk like and Egyptian. Ta na nana na, na ta na na na...
  • ar9179
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    Thank you so much for posting. Your transformation is what I hope for myself...in the distant future, ha! Competing? I can't imagine but I won't rule it out. Always being a WIP? Aren't we all. But, those pics! I can do this because other people have DONE THIS.
  • pickgo
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    I'd absolutely love to have a personal trainer like you. :)

    Someone who understood what it feels like to exercise at a heavy weight and the embarrassment and distress that can cause would be really helpful. And to know that you too have lost all that weight would be inspiring.

    Well done by the way and thanks for posting.
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