Goal: Let's get out of the 200s!!!!



  • Devon_CJ
    Devon_CJ Posts: 39 Member
    I am just like everyone here trying to be under 200. I am over 230 and I would like to be 135. I need some motivation keep me going. Anyone can add me.
  • elena1025
    elena1025 Posts: 682 Member
    I'm in!! I could use all the encouragement :)
  • gotfatincollege89
    gotfatincollege89 Posts: 48 Member
    Definitely. I keep bouncing back and forth between 200 and about 215, never able to get under it. It's been about 2 years ... time to return to the 190s
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,627 Member
    started at 250 (maybe even more) in january and was 216 this morning and had lost a good 2" pretty much on all my measurements from my last measure! Getting closer!!!!!!!!
  • djmiller54
    djmiller54 Posts: 37 Member
    At 224 shooting for 185. Can I join up!?
  • lavrn03
    lavrn03 Posts: 235 Member
    I'm 39, 5'7, I started at 230lbs in June 2014, now I'm at 184lbs. First Goal is 175lbs for this upcoming June, then onto 150-160lbs!
    I've had a lot of ups and downs these past 10 months but I've lost 46lbs total! I'm most proud that I've stuck with it
  • kutedaisy
    kutedaisy Posts: 41 Member
    Am I too late to join in?? Last time I was under 200 was my wedding day 4 years ago
  • WendyA0219
    WendyA0219 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm in. I haven't been under 200 for over 2 years now. I started at 225lb now I'm at 213lb I can wait to see the scale 199 and my goal is to be 160lb
  • catgirl1979
    catgirl1979 Posts: 11 Member
    I would love to join in to encourage and to be encouraged! My heaviest weight was 252 ( last year). I got down to 210, but have gained back some weight and now I'm at 229. I need to get back walking and stop snacking.
  • likaakah
    likaakah Posts: 15 Member
    I would love to join. Started my journey at 304lbs, decided I couldn't live like that anymore and got all the way down to 228. I'm back up to 250 but I have a renewed commitment to getting this weight off and would appreciate any support.
  • JenniferInCt
    JenniferInCt Posts: 431 Member
    Im in! I started at 242.8 in january, and as of this week im down to 203.7-204. When i started, I thought it would be at least 9months before i lost this much so i am so excited! I havent seen OneDerLand in over a decade!!! Hoping May will be the month for me! Nice to meet you all and lets do this! Anyone feel free to add me
  • whatang
    whatang Posts: 102 Member
    Started at 232, this morning I weighed in at 199.8! It can be done!
  • getfitformeee
    getfitformeee Posts: 65 Member
    Good morning! I think I've added everyone so far that has replied. If not, send me a request! I'm looking forward to accomplishing our goals together!!! :blush:
  • cincysweetheart
    cincysweetheart Posts: 892 Member
    I'm at 213. ONEderland is so close I can taste it! I was in 2nd grade (yes, you read that right) the last time I KNEW I was below 200. Goal is 180.
  • emmit643
    emmit643 Posts: 12 Member
    Awesome. This is my goal also. Over the winter I gained like 20lbs. It was rather horrifying. I didn't even realize and then it's like a looked up and suddenly my face was waaaay chubbier than it was before...
    Anyway. I'm adding everyone! If there's anyone after this post, add me
  • JenniferInCt
    JenniferInCt Posts: 431 Member
    whatang wrote: »
    Started at 232, this morning I weighed in at 199.8! It can be done!
    Whoohoooo!! Amazing job!! Congrats
  • hotpink1991
    hotpink1991 Posts: 7 Member
    Getting under 200 again is my ultimate goal! Currently I'm 214. Anyone feel free to add me. Lets do this together!
  • ms2mrsbragg
    ms2mrsbragg Posts: 10 Member
    Count me in. Embarrassed to say i am at 259. Never weighed more than 135 until 5 years ago got pregnant fell and broke my knee. Been hard trying to get the weight off and it seems to just keep piling on. Docs have cleared me to workout so i guess its mind over matter from here. Goal weight is 165.
  • Gabrielm80
    Gabrielm80 Posts: 1,458 Member
    I'm at 240 need down to bellow 200. I want it so bad I can taste it
  • jamesja1
    jamesja1 Posts: 15 Member
    Count me in! At 206 lbs currently...feel free to add me as a friend!! :)