Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • caroramitez
    caroramitez Posts: 2 Member
    hello my name is carolina, i´m from Colombia south america. i love the idea to have a extra motivation, because i love everything with sugar and it´s no healthy
  • Gurlonfiire
    Gurlonfiire Posts: 3 Member
    Plz add me ! Need some inspiration and motivation as a new joiner. o:)
  • KiyomiNL
    KiyomiNL Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I'm Dutch, 22, and new here. I could use friends! I'd like to add that I'm trying to gain and not lose weight so I might be a better fit for people with the same goal but I don't mind who adds me :') I'm new to this and just started yesterday
  • aimeemarie150
    aimeemarie150 Posts: 353 Member
    I'd love new friends!
  • greagerkathy
    greagerkathy Posts: 8 Member
    I love using the calorie couter and exercize counter. But friends would be great to. I live with my husband and 3 adult children who eat whatever they want. To be clear, I don't even like pecan pie or cheese balls, they wouldn't have been anything I would have eaten before, but because I'm on paleo and trying to be good..........They are speaking to me.......Sheesh.
  • monimon29
    monimon29 Posts: 4 Member
    New to this community thing looking for friends for motivation. Add me
  • 307114882
    307114882 Posts: 45 Member
    yeah,i have been MFP half a month, only 1 friend. so sad. :'(
  • KathyNagy211
    KathyNagy211 Posts: 5 Member
    Add me!!!
  • Viddo82
    Viddo82 Posts: 116 Member
    If you add me, all your wildest dreams may or may not come true.
  • hueritahsarinana
    hueritahsarinana Posts: 522 Member
    Always here for it ❤️
  • lizzy309
    lizzy309 Posts: 2 Member
    Feel free to add me! 😊
  • HeadInThaClouds
    HeadInThaClouds Posts: 22 Member
    Just started in the community, feel free to add me as well.
  • jedoubleday
    jedoubleday Posts: 477 Member
    feel free to ad me.. include a message for bonus features LOL
  • LisaZ0318
    LisaZ0318 Posts: 3 Member
    Me too! I am looking for friends for support and motivation.....don't worry it will be reciprocated!
  • hueritahsarinana
    hueritahsarinana Posts: 522 Member
    Ohh and I add everyone who requests so don’t be shy ❤️
  • always looking for new friends!
  • Ruben_244
    Ruben_244 Posts: 253 Member
    Feel free to add ladies and gents! 👍🏼
  • CharlieCharlie007
    CharlieCharlie007 Posts: 245 Member
    If you are looking for a place for goals mixed with a lot of crazy, hit me up. Will warn you, drama gets deleted asap!
  • lesliechiappetti11
    lesliechiappetti11 Posts: 5 Member
    ME!! :)