Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • runjosrun
    runjosrun Posts: 13 Member
    Me! Me! Me! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ (for some reason I can't add anyone or else I'd add all of you)
  • eddied38
    eddied38 Posts: 47 Member
    Add me if you want. I'm active everyday and have an open diary
  • Lizeth_Chavez_10
    Lizeth_Chavez_10 Posts: 2 Member
    I lost my old account so now I'm using this one and I don't even remember how to add friends. Would you mind adding me?;(
  • Krissylynn423
    Krissylynn423 Posts: 39 Member
    I would love more friends, I log daily and have open diary 😊
  • Coppedgejv
    Coppedgejv Posts: 2 Member
    Would love some friends on here. Feel free to add me!!!
  • GlennCrossFit
    GlennCrossFit Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add! Let’s do this together πŸ’«
  • alexis1616
    alexis1616 Posts: 115 Member
    Feel free to add me for support and motivation! Open food diary for my friends :)
  • tlrucon
    tlrucon Posts: 206 Member
    I would love some semi-motivational friends so I don’t feel so bad when I suck at motivating back!
  • dlbohl1991
    dlbohl1991 Posts: 786 Member
    Feel free to Add me I try to encourage people when I can
  • mithster
    mithster Posts: 3 Member
    Would also love to connect with people, I've been on the app for a little while but did not reach out until now! I log daily. Take care and talk soon perhaps :)
  • gjet3168
    gjet3168 Posts: 7 Member
    Absolutely! I would love more accountability partners aka friends here as well. Trying to stay active on this site. Today is day 9 for me of watching my caloric intake keeping it below 1200 and measuring everything. Please feel free to add me!
  • Nanaluvs2sweat
    Nanaluvs2sweat Posts: 97 Member
    I would like more!
  • TheBrianShow360
    TheBrianShow360 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! New to the community, looking for accountability friends, add me!
  • kirstyandmychihuahua
    kirstyandmychihuahua Posts: 20 Member
    Add me please 😊 when I first used mfp 7 years ago I loved seeing people's diary's and progress for motivation. 27, from Ireland with almost 60lbs to lose πŸ‘‹
  • Nama_Slay38
    Nama_Slay38 Posts: 178 Member
    Feel free as long as you’re not fake

    Lol ... made me think of Catfish!
  • timothyenglebox
    timothyenglebox Posts: 8 Member
    Add me! New to the app! Look for inspiration and people to help challenge me!
  • Jedikenji85
    Jedikenji85 Posts: 30 Member
    :smiley: feel free to add me. I could use the motivation!
  • RulerOfCali1979
    RulerOfCali1979 Posts: 80 Member
    Feel free to add me. Always looking for more motivation.
  • 1998SK
    1998SK Posts: 29 Member
    Feel free to add:) my app won’t let me add, so add away and I’ll accept 😜
  • Ray332mfp
    Ray332mfp Posts: 1 Member
    Hi feel free to add me , i just started using this app to track my calories , and still new to this πŸ˜πŸ‘