Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • princesseia96
    princesseia96 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello I’m trying to get back in shape and feel better about myself and be able to keep up with my little one it’s just me so it’s hard sometimes to find time or motivate myself so I hope I can find some friends that we can help and encourage each other and meet our goals!!!
  • RockWarrior84
    RockWarrior84 Posts: 839 Member
    Feel free to add me. I am back after a year long hiatus. Have had good success in the past with MFP. Hoping to have some more success and friends always helps.
  • Hello all! New from Texas, looking for new focused and goal driven friends. Also here to motivate and keep one another accountable! Feel free to add me and lets embark on this fitness journey and create some energy!
  • Okillhavecake
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    Hey add away always love new friends 😄
  • MissPiggy92
    MissPiggy92 Posts: 13 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me, looking for people to share my weight loss journey with and help keep me motivated to meet my fitness goals.
  • Truvanessa
    Truvanessa Posts: 327 Member
    Good morning and happy Friday everyone. Feel free to add me for support. 😊☀️
  • Steakman39
    Steakman39 Posts: 41 Member
    Hey all! Add me!
  • iPromisetobeslim
    iPromisetobeslim Posts: 12 Member
    Add me up. Daily logger. Good luck guys. :)
  • MamaShark614
    MamaShark614 Posts: 2 Member
    Always looking for new friends! I've been on and off this site multiple times, but this time I'm determined to get it done :smiley:
  • Littlemissyfit
    Littlemissyfit Posts: 93 Member
    🙋🏼‍♀️I need to add a little more life to my feed. Add me 😉
  • Christizzzle
    Christizzzle Posts: 454 Member

    I'm starting over. I lost 115lbs, reaching my goal in 2016. I've gained 25 lbs since and I only keep losing and gaining the same 5lbs. Why is it so hard this time?! Let's do this!!! Add me
  • cfgreear
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    Looking for more motivation, more friends, and more people to talk about our fitness journey with. Add me!
  • jess94mason
    jess94mason Posts: 3 Member
    Add me if you don’t mind a extra friend !

    I’m starting out be lovely to be kept motivated by your journey
  • amsadaria
    amsadaria Posts: 1 Member
    I would love to make some friends to keep me accountable and provide some inspiration!
  • angelinad2936
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    I need motivation on this. Please add me. We can be fitness buddies lol
  • mikeedinburgh
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    Hey all, hope it’s all going well! Motivation definitely helps 👍
  • mokhemisalerato7
    mokhemisalerato7 Posts: 8 Member
    Im totally new here but xtremely ready to lose weight...stalkers ugh i mean motivation is what i need lol
  • zachduden wrote: »
    I would love to have some friends to stalk... Errrrr.... I mean motivate each other! ;)

    Hahaha! Added! :)

    Yes please hahaha
  • michellewale1977
    michellewale1977 Posts: 20 Member
    Would love some friends so I can share all the ups and downs with people who know what I’m going through! I’m a 42 year old female from Essex, Uk 😊
  • changeconsumeme
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    Feel free to add me! ❤️