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Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • scaredofscalescaredofscale Posts: 18Member, Premium Member Posts: 18Member, Premium Member
    I have lost 86 pounds and I have 19 pounds left to lose and am struggling a bit. I used to plateau with each 10 pounds, but now I am fighting each pound like it's my worst enemy(which it is). Everyone is telling how great I look, and asking when I will stop losing weight. I just want a normal BMI. :|
  • gadudegagadudega Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    I need to freinds to bail me out
  • kharte11kharte11 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Sure!! Always happy to chat to new ppl online!! xD
  • changeconsumemechangeconsumeme Posts: 227Member Member Posts: 227Member Member
    Active daily logger, feel free to add me!
  • dmanakhodmanakho Posts: 143Member, Premium Member Posts: 143Member, Premium Member
    Feel free to add me. I'm here daily.
  • jsauctionmanjsauctionman Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    Feel free to add me
  • CaliValleyGirlCaliValleyGirl Posts: 618Member Member Posts: 618Member Member
    Ok Lemoore football buddy. Where are you?

  • Fit_TigressFit_Tigress Posts: 9Member, Premium Member Posts: 9Member, Premium Member
    I love friends, love supporting my friends and helping them, if you need motivation and inspiration.....feel free to add!
  • Grumpy_HubbyGrumpy_Hubby Posts: 153Member Member Posts: 153Member Member
    Hello everyone.

    I'm back. I seem to be dipping in and out of here with regularity,

    Hopefully I'm back for good this time.

    For those who don't know me.

    I'm grumpy Hubby

    I was a 1000 day streak. As I was proper dedicated and lost over 100 pounds.

    But I've rebounded, put the weight back on and currently sit at 15 stone 12 pounds or 100 kilos.

    My goal weight is 80kg or 13 stone.

    My target date is for my September 2020 holiday to Florida.

    I need to get back being fit and healthy. I feel disgusting and ashamed.

    Something's got to change.
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  • willowthighswillowthighs Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Just started using this again, would love to have new friends. (:
  • heyjude0225heyjude0225 Posts: 844Member, Premium Member Posts: 844Member, Premium Member
    Can't remember if I commented on this post yet or not but I am about 9 days into MFP and would love more friends to keep motivated together or just chat with on the bored days!
  • natannrednatannred Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    Hi all. Would love a few mfp friends. Add away my lovelies 😊
  • lmead9231lmead9231 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Keep me honest
  • georgiemai97georgiemai97 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hey I just joined again and need people to keep me motivated xx
  • keepcalmimagoonerkeepcalmimagooner Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Always looking for more positive motivational pals 😊
  • johreece241johreece241 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I need motivation to help me along
  • TaylorWillDoThisTaylorWillDoThis Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hey all. Happy to be here. Restarting this journey with a new account and hoping to gain a new group of friends to help support our goals. Feel free to add me! I'm 26 and live in ON
  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 1,310Member Member Posts: 1,310Member Member
    Hey y’all! I strength train and do cardio. I’m on daily!
  • rar0810rar0810 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    I’m happy to be added by anyone who’d like another friend :)
  • xSanouraxSanoura Posts: 26Member, Premium Member Posts: 26Member, Premium Member
    Hello I would like to gain fellow losers and help motivate ea other :) I was 300lbs. Currently down 11lbs
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