Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • SashieKool
    SashieKool Posts: 7 Member
    I need some motivation and diet buddies that can helpe lose this 90lbs i gained way too quick. But is taking me forever to lose it. #help
  • debskeith
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    I'm starting a fresh and always looking for inspiration and motivation, feel free to add me
  • mendybennett24
    mendybennett24 Posts: 8 Member
    I need friends!
  • 4theking
    4theking Posts: 1,196 Member
    I am looking for friends that want to take their body further than they ever thought it could go. I don’t have it all figured out but what I do have I offer freely. I have been as high as 290lbs and as low as 188 over the last several years and I find myself struggling to eat well consistently…thank you evil pizza and pop tarts!! I love to lift weights but I ‘run’ from cardio! Ha I am always on the move at home chasing after 5 kids, 2 dogs, and an unknown number of cats, so I figure I am good. I am probably in the best shape of my life both physically and spiritually. I am here to fight for you, pray for you, motivate you, and inspire you daily. Let’s do it!
  • kweston30
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    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)
    Im new and dont have any friends yet so would really help me, feel free to add me x
  • Den_Ink
    Den_Ink Posts: 5 Member
    I'm always looking for fitness minded individuals. Feel free to add me.
  • Britt_Nicole89
    Britt_Nicole89 Posts: 3 Member
    I am new to this and i def need motivation and want to meet new people who are changing their life for the better. In the past i have always worked out and always contained my weight. But after some personal trauma at the age of 21 my weight has been up and down. I stopped working out and eating healthy. i discovered fast food and never looked back. Now i'm getting on track and working out with a trainer 4 times a week and 2 times a week i work out on my own. So any advice please feel free! The hardest part for me is eating healthy continuously. I cook and eat healthy here and there but still cheat with pasta and mashed potatoes and sometimes fast food. Nice to meet everyone! Keep it going. :)
  • jonward85
    jonward85 Posts: 534 Member
    I'm up for more friends. 30 Something married guy, nerd, MMORPGer, love syfy books and urban fantasy. More active on here in the morning and during normal business hours as i try to stay busy once i go home for the day. Always love seeing people hit their fitness/weight loss goals.
  • bextoye550
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    Feel free to add me
  • renea2448
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    Hello all, was previously on here. Thought I had the food thing under control, then summer came. Now I'm 43 years old, & need to lose an additional 25-30 pounds on top of the 30 already shed...Tia-- :neutral:
  • RulerOfCali79
    RulerOfCali79 Posts: 39 Member
    Hit me up folks... always down for new active friends. The more motivation, the easier this fit thing is for us all.
  • Ash81erin
    Ash81erin Posts: 4 Member
    Need some inspiring friends feel free to add ☺
  • coley1029
    coley1029 Posts: 17 Member
    Mom of a 10 month old, and I'm about a month into the quest to get my body back. I'm very active on the app and find that I am most successful when I am surrounded by other likeminded friends. Feel free to add me!
  • IrishEyes68
    IrishEyes68 Posts: 31 Member
    Im back after gaining weight back and being at my heaviest so I need all the kudos I can get!! And I will do the same for any of you!!
  • vangoghdelaney
    vangoghdelaney Posts: 13 Member
    Definitely open to more friends! I've been on and off my diet, but after getting out of the hospital I'm back on track. Trying to get to lose 40 lbs by the end of the year! I have an open food diary as well.
  • N0easyway0ut
    N0easyway0ut Posts: 193 Member
    add me - daily logger and open diary. originally from the UK.
  • t4temple88
    t4temple88 Posts: 4 Member
    Happy to add friends :smiley:
  • sophie21290
    sophie21290 Posts: 4 Member
    Great post! Can never have enough positive people motivating one another :)
  • hj_man7211
    hj_man7211 Posts: 10 Member
    My name is Heidi. Ive been logging for a few weeks. Would love to add more friends that are working towards the same thing I am. A healthier body. I have a 6yr old that is my primary motivation, but a little extra always helps.
  • ingamikoko
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    Soon to be collage student in a weight loss journey :blush: Lost about 13kgs(28lbs), very active in this app, feel free to add me so we can motivate eachother :smiley: