Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • PedroX13
    PedroX13 Posts: 33 Member
    Hey y'all. Always looking for awesome positive and motivated people.
  • ann12sproule
    ann12sproule Posts: 3 Member
    I am needing more motivation and support as i have a huge weight loss to achive!!! Please add me and i will try to also give motivation abd support
  • elminney
    elminney Posts: 4 Member
    I'm looking to build new friendships and motivation!
  • kerry4169
    kerry4169 Posts: 5 Member
    Looking for more people to keep me accountable! Please feel free to add me
  • Glasscandle
    Glasscandle Posts: 134 Member
    Also on a plateau. Been in same 3 lb range for over 3 mo. even though been being between 1000-1200 cal with daily exercise. So frustrating when you know you are doing what you are supposed to do but your body is not cooperating! Any help to keep going much appreciated.
  • fritch_gets_fit26
    fritch_gets_fit26 Posts: 40 Member
    edited August 2017
    Hi everyone! I fell off the wagon, deleted my MFP account (mostly out of frustration), but I'm back at it now! Right now I am tracking my calories, lifting weights twice a week, running 3 times a week, and yoga on the weekends. I have 90 lbs to lose, and this time I am coming at it from a new perspective.

    This time I am hitting it full force and I would love more friends to join me in my journey! Add me!
  • CindyWard2
    CindyWard2 Posts: 88 Member
    Looking for more MFP friends to help motivate each other and share the journey with. I'm 49, married 27 years no kids. Need to lose 42 lbs.
  • gmikesell
    gmikesell Posts: 89 Member
    More friends=more motivation! I always like friend requests so if anyone feels the same, friend me. :)
  • RonPrague
    RonPrague Posts: 11 Member
    Old fat guy looking to just be an old guy, I find connecting with people is really helping me and them, so hit me up :)
  • zorrocat
    zorrocat Posts: 153 Member
    Add me! Always looking for more motivational friends, especially as I'm hitting a bit of a plateau. Lost three pounds in July and have about three more to go to hit my target, but I've really struggled to stay on track over the last week.
  • its_whisper
    its_whisper Posts: 112 Member
    As always I could use more friends. I need to be inspired by others because I slack a lot! bad habit
  • wyahnke2007
    wyahnke2007 Posts: 2 Member
    New to this. 2 weeks in. Seems like it would be more enjoyable if I linked up with others in the same track. Trying to burn fat. 30lbs at least and then transition into muscle toning!
  • Countrybabe_75
    Countrybabe_75 Posts: 33 Member
    My friend list is dwindling due to their non-interaction. I love to interact and support my friends. It's not all diaries and workouts in my world, so my page isn't like that either. Let's have fun!
  • Rocnr
    Rocnr Posts: 637 Member
    Love this app! So many great people and I just want to keep meeting more! Lol add me!!
  • DownrangeDave57
    DownrangeDave57 Posts: 16 Member
    About 116 to go- been down this road before when I lost 101 (obviously screwed up and gained it back), but I'm on a 86-day streak for logins here, 31 Lb down, serious as the heart attack I just missed...and don't like looking down my short MFP friends list and seeing a lot of "last login 4 months ago"'s.

    I welcome new friends for this journey. I know the road we're on, though not well enough to be a tour guide...but I can sure recognize and point out a landmark or two.
  • Rocnr
    Rocnr Posts: 637 Member
    Love new connections. Add me!
  • RoseGold1992
    RoseGold1992 Posts: 942 Member
    I'm new and need friends, I love seeing other's success
  • JourneysFirstStep
    JourneysFirstStep Posts: 3 Member
    Add me
    Definitely always happy to have more friends - I am on here everyday
  • DannyC001
    DannyC001 Posts: 3 Member
    Looking for adds to get friendly motivation from community.
  • VictorHuaracha
    VictorHuaracha Posts: 3 Member
    Looking for positive motivation from friendly individuals from the community. Feel free to add.