Coconut milk? Almond? Soy? Dairy?



  • governatorkp
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    I would advice against almond milk.
    It's basically very expensive water.
    It contains the protein of only a few almonds.

    If you're sensitive to gluten, avoid soy and dairy.
    Due to the processing of soy and milk, the body of someone who is already sensitive to gluten, might react in the same way. Meaning that, if the milk is raw, frshly bought, there is no problem.

    I personally would go for pure, organic coconut water.
    If you're not sensitive to gluten I'd choose between milk-soy-coconut.

    But for heaven's sake don't buy almond milk.
  • tat2cookie
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    I love cashew milk. It's nice and creamy and makes the best shakes and goes great in coffee. My second is coconut milk, it's not as rich but I don't care for almond milk.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    I second cashew milk, it is the best by far in my opinion!
  • TrinityR05
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    I've been using Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.
  • oocdc2
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    If sugar's the problem, Unsweetened Soymilk is the way to go. There's a decent amount of protein, too.
  • liftingheavy
    liftingheavy Posts: 551 Member
    I am personally a fan of almond milk because I like the way it tastes more than the others, and cows milk does not agree with me.
  • alekth
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    I was buying almond milk for a couple of months, but it's really expensive for what it is. Got a blender some weeks ago and I'm making my own almond milk now (also cashew, Brazil nut, walnut, pumpkin seeds, you name it). Since I'm using it for shakes and smoothies and drinking with a jumbo straw, I don't bother filtering the solid remains of the nuts/seeds (they are tiny anyway), so the end effect is that it's really cheap, quick and also nutrition-wise better than the packaged stuff.
  • Toadstool_
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    I think its one of those things you just have to try and see what you prefer. My favourites rice milk - not the lowest calorie but much prefer the taste. I also like unsweetened soya milk. For tea, personally for me it has to be cows or goats milk, the alternatives just don't taste right in it. Personally don't like the taste of the almond, coconut, cashew or oat milks but a lot of people do.
  • paulaviki
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    I love the taste of almond milk for my porridge, I'd rather have cows milk but too much dairy gives me terrible skin. So I just have it in my tea now. I've not tried any other non dairy alternatives yet.
  • blamundson
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    I love coconut milk and use the coconut milk creamer (I think So Delicious is the brand) for my coffee as an occasional treat. It comes in plain, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors.
  • build_them_skyward
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    I've just started using almond milk as it was suggested to me by a gym instructor. I don't like drinking it but it's fine with cereal.
  • TavistockToad
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    cnekniher wrote: »
    Whats the scoop? What's the best and worst? What should I choose?

    Whichever you like the taste of and fits your macros/calories best
  • bronkeekong
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    Almond and Coconut. I want to try Hazelnut milk.
  • juliebowman4
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    I just spied cashew milk in stores here......I find it quite yummy on cereal.
    I put light vanilla soy milk in my coffee, along with 1-2tbsp on real delicious fatty cows milk cream.
    Oh how I love cream.
  • margaretlb4
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    I love califia farms vanilla almond milk...and I like coconut milk alot too. You should have fun trying some different things...
  • Emilia777
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    Up to you. Choose whatever fits your macros. I personally don’t see the point of anything other than cow (or goat) milk, because I like getting the protein.
  • amwood1528
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    Depends on you personally and what you're using it for. Almond milk is my go to. I use vanilla almond milk for my smoothies. To me it has more flavor than Soy milk. Also, I'm not a big fan of coconut milk but I do love it for my hair lol. I suggest you try all and see which one you like the best.
  • ireadlabelsdammit
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    This may be a little weird, but i use a tablespoon of TruWhip and let it melt. I'm working on cutting out soy tho, google what is does to your nervous system.
  • MoiAussi93
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    I like unsweetened almond milk by itself, but find that it is not rich enough for coffee. I would rather drink coffee black than have almond milk in it. Coconut milk is a little richer, but still does not compare to regular cow's milk. Coconut cream is a little better. Generally for coffee, I either have it black or have (in order of preference): cream, half & half, whole milk, 2% milk. Skim is not worth the trouble.

    I do like almond milk by itself, and on occasion in a smoothie. Same with coconut milk.