Coconut milk? Almond? Soy? Dairy?



  • withoutasaddle
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    I would advice against almond milk.
    It's basically very expensive water.
    It contains the protein of only a few almonds.
    But for heaven's sake don't buy almond milk.
    A good argument if you only but it for the protein, but if you want it for the taste and low cals I would say go for it. It still had a lot of vitamins and almost 50% of your daily calcium requirement per cup
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    Almond milk on offer in asda at the moment £1 per carton, instead of £1.69
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    genghis54 wrote: »
    Almond milk on offer in asda at the moment £1 per carton, instead of £1.69

    I'm in Australia, a 1L carton of Almond milk is just under $4. So annoying :rage:

  • LoupGarouTFTs
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    The only milk comes from animals. Anything else is water combined with nut pulp (or whatever) and processed. I prefer the raw milk from my dairy goats and will occasionally buy cow's milk cream or half and half for a bit of a change up. I have used almond "milk" before and found it to be all right, but not something I would use outside of Lent, when I had a choice. I rather enjoyed the fruit-flavored soy beverages, but they made me feel awful when I drank them--so I pitched the bit I had left and haven't had them for a couple of years. Those are my personal choices, though, and you need to decide for yourself.
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    Almond - Cashew... it is so easy to make your own milk. Seriously. And it tastes much better. When you are done draining the milk you can use the solids to make butters. It's simple , cost effective and doesn't contain a lot of crap you don't need.

    If you have any sort of hormonal issues (like PCOS) stay away from Soy.

    Cows milk - well thats a personal preference. Same goes for Goats Milk.

    Buy local. Buy as fresh as possible. It will change your life.
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    I prefer almond milk or coconut milk over dairy or soy. There are many kinds of almond milks but I would suggest those labeled non GMO. If used for cooking, the unsweetened almond milk is perfect substitute for dairy. It's not really good as a coffee creamer (I prefer organic half and half). As for soy, check out this article:
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    I usually try to avoid the cheap plant milks. Cheap soy milk is "beany and chalky" most of the time and almond milk tends to be weird and bland as has bits in it (at least in GER, where I live).
    I'm so used to soy and rice milk, that I cannot have dairy anymore (Barista messed up my order a few weeks ago and put in cowmilk instead of soymilk...I took a big gulp on accident and it was disgusting)
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    Sephixteeo wrote: »
    I go for unsweetened vanilla almond milk, just because I prefer the flavor. I can't handle milk at all, and it hits the spot. I found I can eat Greek yogurt with no problems, so that is a win win for some calcium and protein.

    For coffee, I just go with non dairy creamer. Again I am probably used to it, but the off brands usually taste odd.

    I do the exact same thing. I love unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
  • Lisajohnston
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    I like the So Delicious coconut milk coffee creamer in my coffee.
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    I adore cow's milk. I understand it's not the amazing superfood as it was plugged in the 80s but I can't help but love it.
  • sthoms2
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    I like the unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It basically has no calories. I just put a little splash in my tea or coffee in the morning. I don't buy cows milk anymore because no one in my family drinks it. I have made my own almond milk in the past. Its very good but I have been lazy lately. Plus I only use a tiny bit every day.
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    cnekniher wrote: »
    Whats the scoop? What's the best and worst? What should I choose?

    Whichever you like the taste of and fits your macros/calories best

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    ceoverturf wrote: »
    cnekniher wrote: »
    Whats the scoop? What's the best and worst? What should I choose?

    Whichever you like the taste of and fits your macros/calories best



    I personally switched to Almond milk. I prefer its 30 calories to that of regular milk and I like the taste (even though I don't like almonds).
  • mistikal13
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    I use evaporated milk or half and half in my coffee/tea, vanilla soy milk in my cold cereal, whole milk in my warm cereal, and coconut milk for baking/coking I think I have all the bases covered!
  • kimberlyjoy159
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    I use dark chocolate almond milk into coffee.
  • Treece68
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    sweetened condensed milk a spoonfull in coffee is so good
  • Kakibot
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    I really enjoy hazelnut milk - pretty much the only non-dairy milk I enjoy that also seems to be saving me calories. My boyfriend calls it 'nutella milk', haha, and I guess it's quite impressive that something that can be called that has so little energy in it. Almond milk only really works for me when flavoured, plain doesn't taste like much to me.
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    I use coconut milk to bake and cook, and I'm starting to get used to using it on cereal. There's no alternative to dairy I'd straight-up drink, but it works really well for my purposes. That said, I'm intolerant to dairy and allergic to almonds so that's why I do it. Otherwise, I don't know that there's any real reason to choose one over the other besides taste or tolerance.
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    dairy milk is terrible- humans can't absorb the calcium and it actually proven to leak calcium from bones. better get calcium from other sources like plants etc