Brands of Jeans for Big Butts?



  • StArBeLLa87
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    Bongo at sears my measurements are 36 30.5 38.5 22 inch thighs
  • 4jamaica
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    LUCKY BRAND by far!!

    Have to agree. I am a pear and Lucky is the only brand that makes things big enough in the thigh (without me having to take up the waist by 5"!)
  • LisaWixom
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    Hydraulics. The sell them at Maurices and IOVE the booty fit
  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
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    BKE at The Buckle. They're pricey but there are different cuts for different body types. And usually someone will help you figure out what style you need in the store.
  • vtmoon
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    In for big butts!
  • 4_Lisa
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    I am not looking forward to having to shop for jeans in 'regular' size stores. My daughter though has the same issues, she has massive thighs (due to being super athletic and years of highland dance) and has trouble as well. We have found that the Levi's jeans and some of the Silver cuts work best for her.
  • MrsB123111
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    My measurements are 36-29-42! I also love the Old Navy Sweetheart cut, but I equally love Miss Me skinny cut, and Express jeggings or barely boot.
  • itsmyvwbeetle
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    Big Star Miki cut is great for a big booty. Also, Rock Revivial easy boot. Both have enough room in the thighs but enough stretch to not be baggy and enough room for your booty too. Both are fairly expensive jeans but a nice pair of jeans makes all the difference in the presentation. I have found cheaper jeans will fit the booty but wont necessarily make it look its' best!
  • dawningr
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    Unfortunately my butt is flat. That being said, the J-lo jeans fit everywhere else except my butt. I looked like a kid that sagged their jeans.
  • jamandyisme
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    Not your daughter's jeans work out very well for me. They are costly, but I found them at Ross for under $20 bucks. I will probably wear them until the have holes.... OR I shrink out of them. :)

    I'm surprised to hear Old Navy...I've never found anything there that was flattering, I may have to look into these myself.
  • deeann7769
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    GLO Jeans in the Flame cut
    ****ies Girl brand slacks
    Aeropostale in Hailey or Curvy Haily

    Those are pretty much the pants I live by. I don't have quite enough junk in the proverbial trunk to wear Apple Bottoms, but I really like my squats, so everything else just squishes it in or gaps in the back.
  • gabbylab
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    Another pricey but amazing pair of jeans for bigger butts and thighs are Silver. I really despise needed to get a bigger size jeans and having so much droop in the butt. My Silvers are my favorite and fit well. Dillard's carries them.
  • kristenonly
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    I recently bought a couple of pairs of PZI Jeans. They're made for curvy women. If you look in the sale section on the website you can usually find some for a reasonable price.
  • nashai01
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  • DragonSquatter
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    Levi's 529 Curvy Cut are AMAZING. They are smaller in the waist and very roomy in the butt and hips so they fit an hourglass or pear shape nicely. They do tend to run a little small so you might need to size up when purchasing.
  • rhonda999
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    Mandie Bandolino from Belk
  • I love SilverJeans Aiko bootcut ( at Dillard and Maurices which is cheaper and always has sales). Also The Buckle has good fitting jeans for a nice butt!! Maurices also has their brand of Jeans, which are nice as well.
  • kevinjb1
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    Bumping because my girl has this "issue" of having a small waist and a big butt. :wink:
  • lil_pulp
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    I've found that ones that sit basically as low as possible on the waist work best for me.
  • amytag
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    Old Navy Rockstar jeans, and try a size down from your normal size.