Brands of Jeans for Big Butts?



  • evdenapoli
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    Jeans that are good for curvy women are Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans and Gap Boot cut.

  • jahowell
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    Silver Jeans Aiko- - search jeans, curvy fit
  • kaylah47
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    Miss Me jeans are my favorite....they fit snug on my thighs and butt and aren't too loose around the waist. I hate when jeans fit at the store then after a wash and wear they get all loose around the waist.
  • LFDBabs
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    Bumping. I have a high, small waist and a big, wide butt. So tired of that gap in the waist!!
  • I like the curvy style from Gap. They are the only jeans I will wear.
  • HH117178
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    SILVERS SILVERS SILVERS!!!! Silver Jeans are by far the best jeans for girls with booties :o) I have been wearing them for years even in high school when I was a tiny little thing I still had quite the booty. They are the only jeans you will find hanging in my closet and are a great way to show off your "assets" :o)
  • morkiemama
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  • runzalot81
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    BKE at The Buckle. They're pricey but there are different cuts for different body types. And usually someone will help you figure out what style you need in the store.

    I agree. I spent $150 on two pairs of jeans but I'm still wearing them ten years later.
  • Jessimaaka
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    Bumping to follow.
  • mymelody_78
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  • MzTanya77
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    Apple Bottom
  • MontanaNinja
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    Maurices Silver jeans, I like the Suki brand best. Can be a bit expensive but the fit is so nice and comfortable!! Made for the woman with a round bottom and some hips!!
  • professorRAT
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    Silver Suki works very well for me. Silver Aiko (listed as "slightly curvy") does NOT at all! I have a 25 inch waist and 37-38 inch booty, so I definitely have trouble finding jeans that fit. Lucky Sweet n Low works for me, too. Many jeans manufacturers are now making "curvy fit", so check those out.
  • Sarah1023
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    I recently fell in love with Maurices "kaylee" style which is for curvy girls, also LOVE BKE 1921 Brand Jeans as well as Silver brand. Miss Me look good on curves as well.
  • randomtai
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    I LOVE LOVE my Levi Curvy fit jeans I found at Wal-mart of all places... Only $20 to boot!
  • Colliex3
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    Crazy we have the same size BOOTY! lol I have a cute pair of Jordan's they fit perfect and arent tight. Also try Levi Jeans. Go original its the best way.
  • Salt_Sand_Sun
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    Lucky Brand. The only ones that fit me well. I have bigger thighs and a small waist, so its been difficult to find jeans that are not too tight in the thighs but don't give me waist gap and show everyone my undies when I sit. Lucky have been my best friend for years!! Now that I've lost some weigth and inches, Levis are fitting better too. However, I'm not a fan of Levis as they seem to run small. :(
  • klynnshuck
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    I love BKE jeans and Big Star from the Buckle. Pricey, but they are all still great as I am getting back down to the size I used to be. (At most Buckle stores) there are great employees to help you get the right style and fit. And can order them and ship to store for free.
  • Levis Bold Curve Jeans are great. I have a 29" waist but a 41" hip. They fit great!
  • EmilyOfTheSun
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    Apple Bottom.