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before and after FACE edition



  • KendrazombieKendrazombie Member Posts: 157 Member Member Posts: 157 Member

    You lost weight, and also turned blonde with much nicer eyebrows! No seriously, I love it when losing weight inspires people to make themselves over in other ways. I was the same way, I started wearing makeup after losing. You look beautiful!
    Thank you!! This is so true. I really didn’t care about myself during that time and it shows in old pictures. I feel awesome now though! :)
  • Umm89Umm89 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    How do I download a pic here?
  • craignevcraignev Member Posts: 1,247 Member Member Posts: 1,247 Member
    That's an incredible transformation in just a year. Very well done!
  • MyLovesMyLifeMyLovesMyLife Member Posts: 426 Member Member Posts: 426 Member
    Those cheekbones
  • hellonew2015hellonew2015 Member Posts: 326 Member Member Posts: 326 Member
    Those cheekbones

    Thank you!! :)
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