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    Lucky. I'm gaining on 2000. It doesn't even feel like enough food. I really hope I can get 2000 to be my TDEE someday.

    I started a bulk at 2200 (was a bit disappointed as so little calories for a bulk) in october, gained 2 kg over the course of 2 months, but the last two weeks my weight has stayed the same (even lost a bit) aka I think this might be my new maintenance yey, so there is hope ;)

    2200 sounds like a lot to me right now lol. I just had a low weigh in today! I know I shouldn't be excited about that on a bulk, but I am because it MIGHT mean I can eat more. 2000 feels like a cut when you're lifting heavy *kitten* weight.
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    People can add me if they want. I'm going off of maintenance just after New Years into bulk/cut cycles (cut first, there may be too many treats for the holiday methinks ;) ) I'm looking at 6 weeks in each for awhile.
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    Feel free to add me. I'm working on it along with my weight loss.
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    I'm currently cutting. Came off a bulk at the beginning of October but have no idea how much I was eating. I was trying to maintain which worked for a short time but I was doing a lot of lifting and was seriously hungry all the time and I just went with it. I gained about 12 pounds over 10 months so I think I did pretty good. Working to cut to at least 125 and see what I look like. This is pretty much new territory for me since I've never been below 130. Anyone feel free to add me.
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    Ouu! Add! This is exactly what in looking for! Cycles... Deficits? ... This sounds like economics to me - looks like I have a lot to learn!
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    I'm always looking for new people to help motivate me and will accept the same in return. [: Feel free to add me!
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    This is such an awesome thread. I'm not a bulker, builder, or much of a lifter (I box), but I want to get in the habit of eating more to fuel my exercise so I'm not so dang tired all the time!
  • Naomijreyes
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    ellenoel87 wrote: »
    Ouu! Add! This is exactly what in looking for! Cycles... Deficits? ... This sounds like economics to me - looks like I have a lot to learn!

    Haha, same here! :D
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    I'm looking to build muscle too! I'm around 1 stone underweight and I always have been but now I'm sick of being skinny and want to be strong! Feel free to add me and have a look at my food diary, I've just restarted using my fitness pal yesterday so they won't be much on atm, any tips would be appreciated!
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    into 3rd week of bulk atm. I'm aiming to do a figure comp (first one ever!) in April.

    Came down from 32% BF to 20% in exactly 1 year!! Was my 365th log in yesterday :)

    You!!! We wanna know your secret.
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    Late newbie but this is my first bulk and I would love to have a support system!! Feel free to add me! :)
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    Meeee I want to start bulking next week feel free to add me
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    I brought my calories up to and well over maintenance 2200-2600 from November to present. Weight up from 148 to 154. Um I'm not comfortable at this weight at all. I'm always sluggish gassy and tired from all the freaking food I'm eating that I enjoy. I truly have no complaints about the food. I don't like the way my body looks.

    I felt as if I had gained 20 lbs and avoided the scale up until a week ago. I stepped on the scaled 153.2???! really I thought for sure scale would read 169. Bulking is effing with my head. I was going to bulk until the end of april just to get a solid 6 months in. I've since changed my mind. I started too late. I will not be summer ready by mid June.

    So Feb 1st I will be slowly bringing calories down. I'll be back at 2000 cals. I hope to sit there for 8 weeks and recomp. Then start a deficit April 1 at 1800 calories for 4 weeks. May 1 drop to 1700, June 1 get to 1600 If I have not yet met my goal of 135. 20 weeks for 20lbs may take longer but I don't have a stage or event to get ready for. I just cannot go into bikini season with flub.

    Always a work in progress. No end in sight.

    I will begin building earlier this year probably right after Labor day.
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    I'm cutting right now after a slow bulk for the past 1.5 years, since I started CrossFit. Planning a bulk later this year. I love having strong ladies in my friend group!
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    I'm trying to both build muscle and get rid of fat! I have great definition in my legs but have to keep at it. Feel free to add me :)
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    I decided to track food at maintenance calories for about a month to make sure I'm really solid there before going into a cut (I was at my sister's house for the holidays and the meals were a bit erratic at times-poor thing forgets to eat all day). I'm lifting with total body work 3 days a week to make good use of the calories. Then I believe I'll do a 5-10% cut for 6 weeks and assess the effect. I'm seeing some recomposition with what I'm currently doing so it's tempting to hang out here a bit longer before going to cut; I'll decide at the end of the 4 weeks.
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    Strong, muscular woman are HOT
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    I'm trying to build up my lower body.... Bigger booty and legs!! Using app to track my calories. I want to keep my waist small, so I've been doing HIIT cardio as I eat more food. I'm eating at 1900 calories which is only 130 calories over my maintenance. Training my butt and legs 2x per week
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    Cutting going here right now... I see this thread started months ago...

    Holiday's brought me some unwanted gifts... Feel free to add me if you want... :):)
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    I am still cutting right now but lifting heavy to maintain the muscle I do have. Will start bulking/cutting once I get to where I want to be. Feel free to add me, I love having like minded friends on here.