What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • tkveen2016
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    my 3 special brats "aka monsters" the one thing that motivates me is feeling about myself of being extremely fit, & preventing the type 2 diabetes :)
  • BCLadybug888
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    jaded989 wrote: »
    jaded989 wrote: »
    To get into the 150's, just over a pound to go.

    Well I met this goal...just barely at 159.8lbs but I'll take it! Went on a short vacation a couple days after posting the above and had a gain of almost 5lbs (water weight etc. I'm sure due to eating out the whole time) so it took a little longer than expected but not by much.
    Next mini goal? To bein the mid to lower 150's.

    Fantastic progress 👏 you have made - you inspire me every day ❤️