*!* JANUARY 2016 Walking Challenge *!*



  • tayragd
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    1/4/16. 2.15 mile walk.
  • Kathi4avon2000
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    I am in. I have a cruise to go on next month!
  • JanetMMcC
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    AlphaHowls wrote: »
    I knew I was sedentary, just never realized how badly.
    ... I wear mine 24/7 (fitbit charge HR) and only put it on the charger when I am in the shower.

    What made me realize what a slug I am was discovering the pedometer in my work-issued iPhone. The Fitbit came later, when I decided I wanted something that didn't need a pocket.

    I charged my Charge in the office today. I do steps in the shower. :)
  • JanetMMcC
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    mjackson59 wrote: »
    I set a goal for 500 steps and I actually achieved it today!!! Tomorrow I'm going to try for 600!!!

    Well done!
  • JanetMMcC
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    edited January 2016
    shesback1 wrote: »
    Did better today
    Jan 2 2000
    Jan 3 2518

    Yes! YAY!!!!

  • JanetMMcC
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    chucking it down with rain but still managed 4.24 miles today :)

  • JanetMMcC
    JanetMMcC Posts: 410 Member
    January 3- 25509 steps,18.3 km.

    Holy cannoli!
  • JanetMMcC
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    Spyer116 wrote: »
    04/Jan: Total Steps: 32,400....Non-Work Steps: 15-17,000+....Total Distance: 14.7 Miles.

    Wow. I haven't yet managed 20000 in a day.
  • JanetMMcC
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    KnordRW wrote: »
    Today's check in for me.... two separate walks, one for 1.28 miles in 27 minutes, another one for .79 miles in 16 minutes. Total of 2.07 miles in 43 minutes for the day.

    Well done!
  • JanetMMcC
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    I sloughed off after Friday's 5,482 steps and got in only 4,651 on Saturday.
    Sundays are hard because I'm trying to find news for two states, and never remember to take my lunch and usually wind up sitting late. 1,774 steps.

    On my 30-minute lunch break today I trotted down 21 stories and ran back up 6 ... okay, 5 1/2; the last flight I walked, took the elevator (which doesn't stop at 1-5) down, then ran around the building once or twice (I honestly can't remember which), walked around it a couple of times, jogged around it once, then walked around it. 6,409 steps for the day so far.

    During the summer I often walked to the ferry landing, but I don't like to do that in the dark.

  • sassykids5
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    Mon Jan 4, walked 4 miles on the tread mill.
  • ATHLegal
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    im in
  • Nsmalls0809
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    1/4/16 2.24 mi

  • brunnerlc12
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    Count me in! I love walking! So relaxing (...could use some warmer weather here tho, lol)
  • RVGirl10
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    Beat my goal yesterday with a little over 9,000 steps.

    Today I will try to get 7,000 steps. May be tough since I'll be in a car quite bit for work today. I'll do a short walk this morning and may do steps while I'm watching TV tonight to make up the difference of what I don't get during the day.

    Speaking of TV, did anyone see that OU vs. KU basketball game last night? Incredible game. Just incredible.

    Time to get moving. Have a great day!
  • TheresaHaus
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    Sounds like a good start. I wear a Vivofit1. Count me in!

    1/1 6375
    1/2 9076
    1/3 4922
    1/4 9953
    Not very consistent.
  • lembukoyak
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    Im in!
  • barbiecat
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    I carry a pedometer and keep track of all my walking and dancing for the day.

    January 1--12,542 steps
    January 2--12,233 steps
    January 3--10,831 steps
    January 4--10,189 steps

  • barbiecat
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    Snooozie wrote: »
    Snooozie wrote: »
    Good morning everyone. I'd like to join in please - I walked a lot last year but been slacking the past few months and getting back to it now; need the motivation with winter here now. I love walking outdoors but not so much indoors lol. But will have to depend on the treadmill over the next few weeks and that's way easier to talk myself out of

    I was on my iPhone so it cut off the rest of my post LOL - which finished with "so this will be a good challenge to ensure I don't wussy out on days I can't get outside to walk. I use the Runkeeper app, so I'm not sure yet whether i'll be logging time or distance, but I WILL be logging one or the other every day!

    Yesterday I walked for an hour bundled up from head to toe down at the waterfront path... i'm thinking carrying the extra weight from piling on parka, mittens, scarf and ear muffs helped me burn off a few extra cals?? :)
    (Well, it was worth a shot to claim....?) ha... but I did get in an hour walking nonetheless :)

    t09013.gif Something I did that was really good for me was to get all the clothing I needed to be warm and dry for walking in the rain we have where I live and the temperatures that drop to -5C in the winter...that way I walk for an hour or two every morning, no matter what. Walking always burns more calories than sitting at the computer.
  • Snooozie
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    1/3 walked 45 min... only 15 min in -23C at the lake but had to bail cause of the windchill (does shivering count as exercise?) Finished the rest on the treadmill! :'(