*!* JANUARY 2016 Walking Challenge *!*



  • quiarga
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    01/01/2016 - walked 1.88 miles - 40 mins
    01/02/2016 - walked 2.2 miles - 45 mins
    01/03/2016 - walked 2.2 miles - 45 mins
    01/04/2016 - walked 2.5 miles - 50 mins
    01/05/2016 - walked 3.2 miles - 64 mins

    I finished yesterday with 14,000+ steps on my FitBit. It's lunchtime now and I'm already over 8,000 thanks to today's walk. I'm loving this challenge for keeping me motivated to walk everyday, and to go just a bit further every day too!
  • Sunsinern
    Sunsinern Posts: 19 Member
    forgot to post yesterday, but I did walk 15 minutes around the mobile home park. Today I managed to get up and make it to water aerobics class, lots of steps there :)
  • AlphaHowls
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    1/5/16 Neighborhood Walk (2 - 5 lbs weights and 8 lbs weighted vest) 18,909 steps 10.28 miles 2:30:06 1,117 cals

    Beautiful day today, it was really cold this morning so I had to wait till a reasonable temperature came around. I finally got a walk in when it reached 35*F.
  • LoveLacy
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    Checking in...
    Yesterday I forced myself to take my lunch break and went for a walk and then walked home total 45mins. Today walked 15mins but went on free step on wii for 10 mins and stepped 843 times. Happy walking folks.
  • Spyer116
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    JanetMMcC wrote: »
    Spyer116 wrote: »
    04/Jan: Total Steps: 32,400....Non-Work Steps: 15-17,000+....Total Distance: 14.7 Miles.

    Wow. I haven't yet managed 20000 in a day.

    lol. You'll get there if you keep up the work and motivation! :)
    Try some of the usual tips you see, like parking further away from wherever you're going for the extra few steps. Take stairs instead of elevators, and so on. :)
    On my breakfast and lunch and evening breaks in work, for the last 5-10 mins of them, I go running up and down the stairs (some of the staff probably think i'm weird, if any notice i'm doing it xD), from the ground floor to the roof, which is 132 stairs in total. And I could do that 1-3 times depending on my mood / tiredness and how much time i have left. lol. Always taking 2 stairs/steps at a time lol.
    So any stairs or hills or slopes /etc you find, walk up 'em! :smiley:

    I'll be updating my first post with each day's steps, if anyone's interested in following it. xD
  • Spyer116
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    edited January 2016
    Spyer116 wrote: »

    I also do bits of running throughout the day, sometimes up the 6 flights of stairs in work. Other times just short bursts of it while walking, and sometimes for a mile or two on the treadmill at the gym. (I don't carry my phone on the treadmill at the gym, so for today's steps, there's about a mile of running left out of that too)

    04/Jan: Total Steps: 32,400....Non-Work Steps: 15-17,000+....Total Distance: 14.7 Miles.
    05/Jan: Total Steps: 37,000....Non-Work Steps: 21,800...........Total Distance: 16.8 Miles.
    06/Jan: Total Steps: ....Non-Work Steps: ....Total Distance:
    07/Jan: Total Steps: ....Non-Work Steps: ....Total Distance:
    08/Jan: Total Steps: ....Non-Work Steps: ....Total Distance:
    09/Jan: Total Steps: ....Non-Work Steps: ....Total Distance:

  • NewOR2015
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    Jan 1 --30 min walk
    Jan 2 --40 min + 30 min walk
    Jan 3 --20 min + 30 min walk
    Weekly 1 Total: 2.5 hrs

    Jan 4 --nada (9 hrs driving)
    Jan 5 --90 min walk
  • mjackson59
    mjackson59 Posts: 14 Member
    2765 steps today!!!!
  • amysant
    amysant Posts: 104 Member
    Walked 4.0 miles in 61 minutes! Getting my speed back! Yay!!!!!
  • Pinktoes49
    Pinktoes49 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in. Started using my fitbit again and also signed up for their challenges too. Brilliant motivational tool even if you are just challenging yourself. Often find myself walking down the corridors for no particular reason other than to increase steps!!
  • dryheatfitness
    dryheatfitness Posts: 97 Member
    Longest single walk to date - 2.6 miles today.
  • KnordRW
    KnordRW Posts: 319 Member
    Tuesday check in for me.... 2.51 miles in 47 minutes......at 20 degree temps! Wow was it cold, but a very satisfying walk.
  • SheilaCochran
    SheilaCochran Posts: 1 Member
    I'll jump into this challenge, I'm currently using a Mio Fuse to track. (thanks to my sis)

    01 Jan: 15,451
    02 Jan: 12,232
    03 Jan: 13,549
    04 Jan: 11,031
    05 Jan: 12,869

  • jkblong
    jkblong Posts: 77 Member
    1/5/16 total steps 16059
  • saffysharmamfp
    saffysharmamfp Posts: 140 Member
    January 4- 12,823 steps,9.02 km
    January 5- 14,962 steps, 10.27 km
  • vwoman
    vwoman Posts: 36 Member
    Tuesday -10500
    Wednesday -16869
  • OriginalKatie
    OriginalKatie Posts: 119 Member
    Today i walked 2.5km in 30mins - longer distance in shorter time ;). Have beaten my steps goal by +1176 so far :)
  • RVGirl10
    RVGirl10 Posts: 16 Member
    8,024 steps yesterday.

    I'm consistently beating my general 7,000 steps per day goal, so I'm upping it to 8,000 today. Wish me luck!
  • AmandaAnderson2013
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    I should be joining but I will only do it on the treadmill since there is bunch of snow and it too cold and slippery.
  • barbiecat
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    I carry a pedometer and keep track of all my walking and dancing for the day.

    January 1--12,542 steps
    January 2--12,233 steps
    January 3--10,831 steps
    January 4--10,189 steps
    January 5--11,040 steps