What to eat when you're CRAVING sweets?



  • slheddlesten
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    Watch out for those dark chocolate covered almonds they get away from you fast and the calories add up.
  • slheddlesten
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    Eat and apple or cut up pineapple. That seems to help. I have the worst sweet tooth when I work my night job.
  • LKArgh
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    Any tips? I used to keep semi sweet chocolate chips but them it became a habit and not an in case of emergency. Sometimes I have a yogurt but sometimes it's just not enough!!

    Unless you are diabetic or have other health issues that stop you from eating anything sweet, there is nothing wrong with giving in to these cravings. A small chocolate, scoop of icecream, jello, pudding do not have many calories.
  • longlostyeti
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    Its okay to go for those cravings as long as your Nutrition is on point most of the time. My rule 90% of diet are coming from Whole Nutritious food and the rest of 10% i can eat whatever i want. And notice i didn't use the words "clean eating" because in my opinion you can still eat whatever you want as long you eat with moderation and its the Nutrition that counts NOT the Calories.
  • geoblewis
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    My nutritionist has me doing this to deal with carb cravings...15 minutes before a meal, take some powdered l-glutamine, like a teaspoon, in a glass of water. This helps the body absorb the protein you have with your meal better. That's how it helps kick carb cravings. I take it before every meal. I don't crave sweets at all now.
  • CooCooPuff
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    I eat sweets. I had a cookies and cream Pop Tart and 72g of ice cream yesterday. I'm on a slight deficit at the moment, meaning I've had to cut back on the cals I'd save for something sweet.
    I also like protein bars.
  • Dreysander
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    Sugar free gum. Trident makes a Swedish fish flavor. I'm currently chewing a strawberry starburst one.

    I do have sweets too. I'll be having two cookies and a brownie tonight.
  • 20months
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    Do you ever feel like it's better to just not get started? Like one bite leads to 20?That's what I've been trying bc sometimes it's hard to stop once I get going on sweets! Anyway, I feel your pain; sugar is my demon too!!!

    This exactly!
  • Queenmunchy
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    I rarely crave sweets, but when I do, I'll drink about 1/2 cup of sugar free lemonade mixed with maybe 2 cups of water (that stuff is crazy sweet on its own) or (SF or not) hot chocolate.
  • Nix143
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    50 cals, lasts a good long time (as long as you don't crunch it!), feels 'naughty' if that is where your head space is. Sometimes if you want sweets have sweets - if you do CICO then a lolly is less that a lot of the solutions on this thread. :)

  • flyingfur74
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    I stick a popscicle stick in my individual yogurt and freeze. It's like ice cream but a healthier choice plus it takes forever to eat. No hunger or sugar cravings after that.
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    If I'm craving sweets, I fit some sweets in to my day. Yesterday I had half a mars bar. Didn't need the rest as I know I can have it whenever :)
  • Chrisejennings
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    Frozen Popsicles They are usually low cal and take ages to crunch through the ice
  • SimplyMicheleR
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    1-2 pieces of Dove dark chocolate gets me satisfied. I don't pop a whole one in my mouth, rather make each square 2-3 small bites and savor the. I love them, not sick sweet, and chocolate makes me feel better.

    If I'm hungry and craving sweets, a tablespoon of peanut butter covered in chocolate chips hits the spot.
  • LeannJeffers
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    I have been eating the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt - chocolate raspberry and it's only 80 calories. It gives me my chocolate fix but not all the calories and fat.
  • RebeccaNaegle
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    If I crave something sweet a lot of times I will just fit something into the calories for the day. Sugar free jello (orange and lime are my favorite) only have 10 cal. in each, and I top them with light cool whip. (15 cal for two tablespoons). Also could just do 100 calorie bag of cookies or something. I don't deprive myself most of the time. Depends on how strong the urge is. A lot of times mint gum or brushing your teeth will help the craving go away.
  • SailorKnightWing
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    A small amount of sweets. Don't keep them in your house, have a place you go to get them like an ice cream shop or even a gas station for a candy bar. If you're craving them you'll have to weigh your cravings against the hassle of going out and getting them. If your craving is that strong, by all means go out and get some and just eat a little less over the next few days if it sends you over your goals. My laziness overrides my cravings every time.
  • ilovediatoms
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    I like a small amount of some really good dark chocolate or the Dole dark chocolate covered frozen strawberries (they come in 60 cal packs). My husband and I also love the chocolate chip cookie dough Yasso bars (or any of the Yasso frozen greek yogurt flavors really). They are only 100 cal, 5g of protein and are just as good as real chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (13g of sugar though :/).

    If I'm craving sweets, I need it to be satisfying. In other words, it has to be the real thing, or close to it, so I focus more on portion control.
  • amusedmonkey
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    Hot chocolate made with semi skimmed milk and dark cocoa powder.
  • eep223
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    I do yogurt too, but I think a cup of tea with milk and a teaspoon of sugar helps more!