What to eat when you're CRAVING sweets?



  • SHYGIRL8185
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    When I'm craving sweets, I usually try for fruit or a flavor ice pop. I tend to want something chocolate, though. If I can't get past the craving I try for a square of really dark chocolate. I also like oatmeal with peanut butter and a square of chocolate mixed in. The best part about sugar cravings is that the less you give into them the weaker they get. Don't get discouraged and keep trying.
  • Sabrinarose8
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    David's dessert teas, you can look up the website online. they smell just like your favorite dessert and with a little half and half, it's the perfect nightcap for me.
  • hellonew2015
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    Half of a Oh Yeah! Victory bar cookies and cream or Cookie dough does the trick - they are 100 calories for one half and full of fiber, No artificial anything - Yum!
  • Warchortle
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    I could never eat half a bar.

    Fit Crunch are like 380 cals I think off hand?
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    I either have a few squares of dark chocolate or a couple of Fox's glacier fruits, a boiled fruit sweet that lasts a lot longer than any of the chewy sweets or fruit gummies. If there's neither in the cupboard I'll have a piece of fruit, though should maybe choose the fruit in the first place. A couple of times a year I'll buy a bag of gummies or liquorice but they are trigger foods for me and I cannot make them last long.
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    Probably quite unhelpful, but I quit refined sugars. Sugar is, for some as indicated earlier, addictive like cocaine. If interested there are more articles here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_addiction http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/0/21835302 http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2015/01/07/sugar-health-research .

    So, as it is an addictive substance I quit. I haven't had "sweet" products for a couple of years, the cravings gone, and I actually find sugar filled products unpalatable. So, go cold turkey, save calories, your teeth and go towards your healthy weight. :)
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    Dole frozen banana slices covered in dark chocolate. 100 calories per pack!
  • singingflutelady
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    Hot chocolate
  • OyGeeBiv
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    I enjoy frozen cherries for a sweet snack. 1 cup/140 grams is 90 calories.

    This is what I was going to suggest. I adore frozen cherries! They're great frozen or defrosted...or....(are you ready?)....warm! Put them in a small microwave safe bowl (I use a ramekin), sprinkle with cinnamon, and nuke them for 30-60 seconds till they're hot and bubbly. It's like cherry pie filling, but it's just cherries and cinnamon! Another way I like them warm is cooked in with oatmeal.
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    Eh I eat sweets. Usually a piece of chocolate or a couple cookies, or a serving of ice cream. If you're looking for satisfying low calorie snacks, look for sugar free stuff, but my favorite is one soft caramel.
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    My favorite "tricks" are frozen grapes, clementines (I pre-peel and separate two and put them in a baggie for work), and Outshine fruit bars (lime or coconut water/pineapple are my favorites). I always build in something sweet into my daily meal plan, but these are always available if I am craving candy. I know the sugars are high in all of those, but aside from the fruit bar, it's natural sugar, not added. I can't let myself start with chocolate - hard to stop. If I pack one square of dark chocolate, it will work, but if there is a bag or a bar nearby? forget it...
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    Nicecream!! Frozen banana, milk of choice to make it blendable and there you go! This is so delicious. Recently I have been using 1/2 a 1 cup of almond milk and blending it with 1.5-2 cups of spinach and kale mix. Blend that until totally smooth and then add the frozen banana chunks! You can't even taste the greens and it so good! Can you tell I like it? Haha
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    A plum or an apple or mandarin always tend to work for me :)
  • lilmissdreday
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    Nix143 wrote: »
    50 cals, lasts a good long time (as long as you don't crunch it!), feels 'naughty' if that is where your head space is. Sometimes if you want sweets have sweets - if you do CICO then a lolly is less that a lot of the solutions on this thread. :)


    I love this idea! Definetely going to try it
  • fattothinmum
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    When I hit problems wanting something sweet, I hit the Medjool dates these days.
  • KatyP86
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    Flavored yogurt, or fruit.
  • Osiris275
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    Sweet rice cakes...chocolate ones are good. Also there's blueberry and vanilla ones I enjoy. Around 30 cals or less.
  • Jetamu96
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    I fit a little treat into my calories every day. Right now I have mini dark-chocolate reduced-sugar ice-cream cones that are 77 calories each. The rest of the day I eat healthy (oatmeal, fruit, lean meat, veggies, etc.) ^^
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    I grew up having dessert after every meal (thanks to my mom's affinity for sugar) so I almost instinctively want something sugary after dinner. I've found that if I eat a small dessert right after my dinner, I don't get cravings later at night. However, if I skip dessert, I almost always start scavenging for sweets about 2-3 hours later, and that's when I can devour a whole sleeve of cookies. When that happens, I've started drinking a cup of naturally sweet herbal tea (try Yogi Bedtime Tea) with 2-4 squares of a good dark chocolate. It ends up being less than 100 calories, and it is surprisingly satisfying.
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    Strawberries with a bit of truvia (stevia) on the side if not sweet enough without..