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Coffee is great... However...



  • mkakids
    mkakids Posts: 1,913 Member
    Almond joy creamer with lots of splenda for me....and i have ZERO interest in giving it up
  • shadowfax_c11
    shadowfax_c11 Posts: 1,942 Member
    I like my coffee the way I like my coffee. After trying a lot of low cal alternatives to my favorite creamer I decided I would rather just drink less coffee exactly the way I like it than more coffee that doesn't taste good to me.

    I also only use real butter and whole fat dairy. I make it work by eating smaller portions of those things.
  • chimaerandi
    chimaerandi Posts: 153 Member
    Every Monday I put honest to God, from the can, whipped cream in my first cup because OH MY GOD MONDAY. I just put it in my calories. I'm losing with no trouble. Honesty is more important than giving up a thing you love.

    That said, I drink it with a packet of fake sugar most times.
  • mjwarbeck
    mjwarbeck Posts: 699 Member
    just have a proper espresso...
  • Ruatine
    Ruatine Posts: 3,424 Member
    4 grams of Splenda, 8 grams of powdered Coffee-mate Original, and about 12 oz of coffee. Twice every morning. Refuse to give it up, even though it's about 130 cals total. I can drink black, and even enjoy it so long as it's good coffee, but I find the creamy, sweet combination delightful in the morning, and it's just not the same trying to substitute my creamer for anything else lower cal. 40 lbs down so far; I think I'm okay with keeping the status quo with my coffee. Helps keep me sane.
    LSUPHI Posts: 6 Member
    I drank coffee for almost 20 years. A thermos a day with flavored creamer was the norm. Due to a medical condition, I was told that cutting out coffee would help. I laughed, there must be another way right? So I gave myself a week of hot Tea (caffeinated and non-caffeinated herbals). Believe it or not, I did not go back to coffee. I will have a cappuccino about once or twice a month, but I love my Tea now....hard to believe. My wife even drinks more tea than coffee now, and she was just as bad. It has helped me lose a lot of weight not starting the day by drinking 500+ calories. I would never had thought it possible to love tea like I did coffee. Just food for thought, I know how tough a relationship with coffee and they way we like it is. Best of luck.
  • theskinnyonme
    theskinnyonme Posts: 443 Member
    I use whipping cream and good coffee everyday, I log it. I would prolly go on a killing spree without it. Just plan your meals around it.
  • wendsg
    wendsg Posts: 721 Member
    Thanks to the horrendous coffee onboard a Navy vessel, I've become addicted to the tried-and-true method of making any cup of coffee drinkable - adding a packet of instant hot chocolate.

    Every morning, 20oz coffee with one pack of Swiss Miss (meant for a 6oz cup of hot water or hot milk). Yum. Never gonna give it up, either. I just log it first thing in the morning and plan around it as many others in this thread do. :)
  • karahm78
    karahm78 Posts: 505 Member
    edited February 2016
    I'm a big fan of the Coffeemate vanilla Natural Bliss, 1T in an 8-10oz cup. 2 Splenda, and a tsp of Benefiber!
  • Sillybee727
    Sillybee727 Posts: 131 Member
    I had same issue. There was a time I would consume almost a pint a day of full fat half and half due to my coffee habit. Plus sugar.

    I first switched to evaporated milk( plus doesn't go bad in cupboard so I wasn't constantly at the store). Then eventually fat free half and half, and now I can do fat free half and half with no sugar at all and it is as satisfying as the full fat+ sugar used to be. Your taste can change.
  • runningforthetrain
    runningforthetrain Posts: 1,037 Member
    Organic Valley soy creamer- awesome richness without the cholesterol...
  • Stanley1903
    Stanley1903 Posts: 73 Member
    I'm not a coffee lover, but I drink it because now that I'm dieting there's not a whole lot of stuff I can drink for variety. I don't plan on cutting out the 2-3 tbsp of half and half or milk when I have coffee. But I don't sit around drinking it all day, either.
  • CoffeeNCardio
    CoffeeNCardio Posts: 1,847 Member
    edited February 2016
    If you brew your coffee weaker you won't need to add as much stuff. That being said... My diary. Daily. Every day. Since I started this. I'm 26lbs down. If you love your coffee as I love mine, make it fit. You only get the one life.


    ETA: This is spread over about 4 measured cups of coffee. Not all in one. Although it used to be. I swear by the brew it weaker thing. You add so much stuff because you want the flavor. If the coffee isn't overwhelming the flavor, you don't need to add as much of it. Good way to cut back.