Protein.. name yours



  • generallyme2
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    Protein is always a hard one for me. I focus on eggs, chicken, and greek yogurt. I also love black beans.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    The only day I had 2 servings of chicken is the only day I've blown past my goal on protein intake.
    I begin with a protein shake. The Body Fortress brand from Wal-Mart is cheap enough and easy enough and even the milk has a few mg of protein in it. Later in the day I have a serving of fish, usually, or chicken. I also have a serving of beans with my dinner. Today this got my protein intake to 80 mg, which the recommended minimum.
  • BrideSept2017
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    Tuna, pb2, and chicken mainly.
  • RUNucbar
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    richln wrote: »
    All of them.
    Except brussel sprouts. Those are evil.

    Satan's secret weapons. Nothing killed childhood Christmas more than being forced to eat the evil little *kitten* balls.
  • bruhaha007
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    Lean meat including chicken, fish, turkey. Also really like black beans and quinoa. To make sure I hit my macro target I will use a grade 7 whey protein concentrate.
  • chaoticdreams
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    Steak and chicken, occasionally cheese. I would eat steak every night if money allowed LOL.
  • xbowhunter
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    Free range wild protein only.

    Venison,Black bear,Wild Turkey,Walleye,Perch,Pike...
  • jaebennetti
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    my favorites is hummus, pinto beans, turkey
  • malibu927
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    Greek yogurt, cheese (these two I eat pretty much every day), eggs, chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp, beef, pork, turkey, Quest bars if I have the money for them (right now eating Luna Protein, but they aren't as satisfying)
  • jeepinshawn
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    MogMog_2 wrote: »
    Hi, i read a lot on here about the importance of proteins, high protein diets etc & just wondering how you get yours?? Chicken seems to be my main source, not intentionally, I just enjoy it & its something the whole family will eat. And yours..??

    Chicken breast, ground turkey, and eggs are my top 3 sources.
  • CollieFit
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    Cans of tuna in spring water
    Fresh fish (salmon, cod, haddock...)

    And if I'm short of time or can't face more food but need more protein, I've got a really nice isolate that's tasty and easy to digest.
  • MadeOfMagic
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    I get a good variety whether it's from salmon, chicken, beef or even sardines (highly nutritious, low cal and tons of protein), turkey when it's in season. I also get protein from veggies, cheese, eggs, etc. I also just ordered some organic whey protein shakes to add to my diet for post workout meal as it will get delivered to my body faster b/c it's liquid meal and you have only 30 mins to 1 hour window to get protein in. My weight training workouts have been suffering a little so I want to add more energy and protein to it :)
  • Meganthedogmom
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    Salmon, trout, tuna steaks, shrimp, chicken, Greek yogurt, cheese - those are my main go-tos for protein.
  • FabianRodriguez94
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    1- Chicken
    2- Special K Protein cereal w/milk
    3- Protein Chips (quest)
  • ren3liz
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    I make egg muffins with whole eggs, cottage cheese, spinach, and turkey bacon. Easy...Make for the week and heat in microwave.

    Other Proteins: Greek yogurt, for affordability chicken is a staple, ground turkey, occasional beef or pork, fish, hard boiled eggs. Lentils...mainly in the form of lentil sloppy joes. :p Oh string cheese! Lately string cheese and turkey pepperoni has been a good 100 cal snack at work.
  • ren3liz
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    A can of tuna with salt, pepper, and lemon juice is great. I guess I eat everything :) And SARDINES!
  • jennifer_417
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    I probably don't get as much as I should...but Greek yogurt is probably my go-to.
  • Eddie__Jones
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    My favorite lunch. 80 grams of protein. I mix it together.


  • access2003
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    chicken for the most part.. and I use Isopure Zero Carb whey protein powder
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