Protein.. name yours



  • Deer, chicken, fish. Yogurt, mainly Oikos Triple Zero!
  • WeekendWarriorTX
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    i bought a tub of 2% milkfat cottage cheese yesterday to help me get more protein
  • Merkavar
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    for me my main sources would be chicken, greek yoghurt, eggs, cans of salmon and quinoa, tofu
  • MogMog_2
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    Meat, fish, beans and lentils, dairy, eggs, grains, nuts and seeds, vegetables. Do you want me to list everything? lol
    Yes if you could that would be great.. ;) ( im being sarcastic) grains, nuts & seeds really don't appeal to me but I think its something I should work on. Thanks.

    Well grains, nuts, and seeds are not the best sources of protein anyway.

    I won't bother licking the bottom of the bird cage just yet then :#
  • LBuehrle8
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    I miss greek yogurt SO much :( Gives me the worst acid reflux after eating I can't do it anymore.
  • Carlos_421
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    Meat, milk and eggs.
  • brb_2013
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    Mostly chicken, especially for weekday lunches. I also enjoy tuna, but have been off of it lately for some reason. I should try it again. But with chicken I can easily cook a whole pan on the weekend and have enough for my partner and I all week.
  • Nightnurse33
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    EGG WHITES or Egg Beaters
  • mrshrittie
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    Lots of vegetables along with some lentils, beans, chickpeas and occasionally some tofu
  • kshama2001
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    I love Turkey personally. Usually very lean, slow cook its tender as anything
    turkey! Forgot that one too. I find it a bit dry sometimes but thats probably down to me overcooking it. Thanks.

    I've found you can't bake turkey thighs like chicken thighs - they will dry out - but they are phenomenal pot roasted. Here are some recipes. (I used the cooking method from the next link.)
  • Lounmoun
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    the most: chicken, beans, lentils, eggs, cheese, yogurt, tuna, peanut butter
    sometimes: turkey, pork, beef, bread, broccoli, pasta
    rarely: milk
    never- protein shakes or bars
  • allaboutthefood
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    Tofu, beans, plants seitan, hemp, nuts etc..
  • hockeysniper8
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    I eat alot of chicken breasts, pork, salmon, tuna, halibut,eggs and protein powder. High protein bread
  • Christine_72
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    My main sources are milk, yogurt, gelatin, protein powder and to a lesser extent steak and seafood.
  • Alatariel75
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    Cottage cheese every morning, tuna most days, chicken, beef, pork and lamb on dinner rotation, legumes in my lunch salads, and nuts as snacks.
  • jgnatca
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    Greek yogurt and peanuts every day. The main meal may be hamburger, ham, chicken.
  • arditarose
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    tuna, greek yogurt, protein powder and bars, chicken sausage, ground turkey, weekly hamburger, kodiak cakes, shrimp, pork
  • RUNucbar
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    For me, it's mostly Quorn and have found Quorn to be cheaper than meat, and lower calorie so it fits my budget and 1200 cals quite nicely. A "southern style burger" is 123 calories so vs a 100g chicken fillet of about 200-odd, it works.

    Things like beef mince is about 250-300 per 100g, depending on how you cook it of course, but good old Quorn mince is 105 though that goes up once I've added to it during cooking. For things like spaghetti bolognese I can have a much larger portion if I use Quorn which makes me less prone to snacking or getting grumpy.

    Without actual red meat, I do have to find other way of getting my iron. A few years ago, a faddy diet left me with severe anaemia and on high-does iron pills so I am very vigilant about that one but I get what I need without having more calories than if I just had beef so Quorn is my go-to.

    On 1200, every little thing helps!!
  • richln
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    All of them.
    Except brussel sprouts. Those are evil.
  • 3p0l0v3sU
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    eggs and popcorn. Milk and beans are nice too.