Weird habit I've developed in maintainence - anyone else do it?



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    David_2015 wrote: »
    I thought I was the only one...!

    The pic below is just a snapshot of my hoard.. I also have countless tubs of Ben and Jerry's and Haagen Dazs, loads of various ice cream bars, cones and sticks, frozen desserts that have been portioned that I defrost as and when, pop tarts, boxes and packs of biscuits.. the list is endless... amazing to think that as I now have control of food I can keep it all in the house.


    What a delightful looking stockpile!
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    Wispa Bars = awesomeness
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    OMG I had forgotten about Penguins. And man I miss the Bonne Maman tarts so much.
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    I don't think I could handle stockpiling. I like keeping a reasonable supply of potentially bingeable foods.
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    Dang, and here I thought I was the only one, LOL. Good to know there are others.
    I have two bags of Dove dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt in the kitchen drawer, unopened. I do allow myself one piece per day. I also bought a bag of Dove white chocolate eggs that are in the candy dish.
    vivmom2014 wrote: »
    I get nervous if there isn't chocolate in the house.

    I am the same way. If I don't have it in the house I get nervous.

    I do this with books too. If I don't have anything to read, it makes me nervous, so I have multiple books waiting to be read.

    Chocolate and books - that's ME!! I think we're twins . . . . !!
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    Yes, top right shelf of the pantry. We tell ourselves it is HIS stockpile, but I know where it is. I generously make sure he does not run out of chocolate.
  • jgnatca
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    But my stockpile is not as big as yours, oh my! Right now all we have in there is one Dove chocolate bar, 70%.
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    Not in maintenance yet, but I tend to impulse buy junk at the store...get home intending to eat it, and then just never do. The urge passes, so it either sits unopened or I give it to the kids/DH. Before I would have opened and eaten the junk in the car on the way home.
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    DrEnalg wrote: »
    .... I stockpile junk food.

    ... I have a spot on top of my refrigerator ...

    Does anyone else do this?

    I keep mine on my bedside table, where I will eat a portion after dinner / before bed.

    I don't stockpile in quite as much bulk as David, but at the moment I've got:
    • a large box of Lindt balls
    • a Curly Wurly
    • a Chomp
    • Two Cadbury Bubbly bars
    • A few mini Cadbury Turkish Delight

    I'm thinking a Bubbly bar tonight. Got the calories to spare so I may as well use them.

    ETA: I haven't quite started maintenance yet (1 kg to go). I've been doing this for months. Getting into good habits, I guess!
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    My husband has a food addiction so if I want something for just me I have to hid it away. It is not that I want it, I think as much as if I want it I have it. I eat some of it very slowly. Moving up North at the end of the month and wondering if I should take my little hoard with me. I know my son won't eat it so it is safe here. If I move it up North will my husband eat all of my little hoard in one day? Everything I have is frozen in the freezer here. Baking usually goes bad if I don't freeze it. Threw out half a pie the other day we never finished it. At home my husband will eat a whole pie in one day.
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    My new thing are the Easter "egg" York peppermint paddies. One has 50 calories and seems to really satisfy my chocolate and candy urge. On the other side, I can't keep peanuts in the house. If I have a couple, I'm going to binge on them.
  • rosecropper
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    No stock piles of candy here. My goal is to keep the house filled only with super healthy choices. Instead I go to the store and slowly walk the aisles, looking at all the junk food for far too long. Then I don't buy any of it. Makes me feel good to leave empty handed.
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    I do better if the chocolate is in the house, if we don't have any it makes me want it more. I keep a small stockpile that has biscuit bars, chocolate, full-sugar and sugar-free sweets. I keep them in an old biscuit tin so they're not on display (eating through them slowly).
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    I have a box of all the chocolate given to me for Xmas and am gradually giving it away for presents or I find hubbie has eaten one of the bars. That never used to happen ID eat all mine and he'd keep his and eat it in front of me amazing change. So far only had a very small amount and it's nearly Easter and I'm nearly at my goal. So surprised at myself hope it continues.
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    Nope I have a major stockpile lol bite sized Hershey's, recees, and dark chocolate candies from skinny cow. I also have snack packs of nutter butters, Oreos and crackers lol. Hershey's kisses and peppermint patties in my fridge lol it helps me to know they are there and if I want chocolate I can always have it just in moderation lol
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    Not a stockpile, but I definitely crave junk food *less* when I have it around, so I always have a few goodies available at any given time. Honestly lately whenever I crave chocolate sweets I'll have half a Think Thin or Luna protein bar (salted caramel e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g) and it satisfies my crave 'cause they're just so dang good! Candy cravings can only be satiated by Twizzlers or sour Skittles tho :D
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    I'll not start maintenance until the end of this week. But I can't have a stash in the house. I WILL EAT IT ALL!!
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    Glad I'm not the only person that does this. I thought it was a sign of an eating disorder. I buy the same amount of junk that I did when I was fat but instead if eating it I put it in the cupboard. The kids know that is mom's stash and they can't touch it.

    They're still getting through Halloween candy though lol. It will soon get thrown out and replaced with Easter candy.