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Type O breakfast ideas?

dimakatsoseabidimakatsoseabi Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
Hi, I just found out that I'm type O, and I want to start eating according to my blood type but I have no ideas what to eat for breakfast because cereals are not allowed, please share some ideas and pictures if you have some, thanks in advance


  • yarwellyarwell Posts: 10,573Member Member Posts: 10,573Member Member
    Are bacon and egg "allowed" ?
  • Alyssa_Is_LosingItAlyssa_Is_LosingIt Posts: 4,684Member Member Posts: 4,684Member Member
    Blood type diets are a waste of time - eat what you like.


    As long as you're in a deficit, you'll lose weight, no matter your blood type.
  • RodaRoseRodaRose Posts: 9,541Member Member Posts: 9,541Member Member
  • amyr271amyr271 Posts: 324Member Member Posts: 324Member Member
    Is this even a thing? Just curious, why would your blood type effect what you eat?
  • lesleyloo7879lesleyloo7879 Posts: 583Member Member Posts: 583Member Member
    Ws2016 wrote: »
    Are you a vampire?

  • TeaBeaTeaBea Posts: 13,978Member Member Posts: 13,978Member Member
    Just eat foods you like - but modify portions

    A "blood type diet" restricts food choices. That's how they "work." Any type of diet that TEMPORARILY restricts what you eat will help you lose weight.

    The problem with that is losing weight is just the first step. You have years (and years) ahead of you for maintaining the weight you lost....that's lifestyle changes not temporary ones.
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  • LounmounLounmoun Posts: 8,433Member Member Posts: 8,433Member Member
    Eat the food you like that fits your calorie goal and you will lose weight. You do not need a special diet because of your blood type.
  • ForeverSunshine09ForeverSunshine09 Posts: 966Member Member Posts: 966Member Member
    I am blood type O as well. I looked that diet up once just to see how I ate compared to it. If I remember correctly I ate pretty close to what it said. Not that I would ever follow such a ridiculous diet. Eat what you like at a deficit and you will lose weight.
  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguageSarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage Posts: 2,688Member Member Posts: 2,688Member Member
    Well the "Doctor" that came up with this diet is a naturopath with a black belt, according to his CV so that's good enough for me. BRB, off to get my blood typed.
  • AfuraAfura Posts: 2,092Member Member Posts: 2,092Member Member
    Blood type diets are a waste of time - eat what you like.

    I'll third this. It's a gimmicky diet based on peoples desires to get thin fast. Eat at a calorie deficit.
  • zoeysasha37zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,133Member Member Posts: 7,133Member Member
    Blood type diets are a waste of time - eat what you like.


    For weight loss, all you need is a calorie deficit.
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