May-June Weight Loss Challenge!



  • 3nails1love
    3nails1love Posts: 51 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 192.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 182.4


    May 1st: 192.4
    May 8th: 189
    May 15th: 189.2
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: to drop down to a normal weight, to feel healthy, and to have a flatter abdomen.
  • MeganD_96
    MeganD_96 Posts: 143 Member

    Start Weight (May 1st): 192.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th):


    May 1st: 192.6
    May 8th: 192
    May 15th: 193.8
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Holding a bit of water weight as I've had a couple of high sodium meals this week. Hopefully it will be gone by next week!
    Fitness/Health Goals:

  • SavannahS2016
    SavannahS2016 Posts: 350 Member
    Start Weight (May 2nd): 193.8
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 180


    May 2nd: 193.8
    May 9th: 193
    May 15th:191.8
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: 9th May
    1) Complete the Squat Challenge (not done)
    2) Stick to my diet (not done)
    3) Start using the exercise bike again Done twice)

    Fitness/Health Goals: 15th May
    4) Stop snacking on sons leftovers
    5) Use the exercise bike at least three times this week
    6) Make meals more healthy
  • libertygurl
    libertygurl Posts: 37 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 171.2 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 162.0 lbs


    May 1st: 171.2 lbs
    May 8th: 169.3 lbs, down 1.9 lbs
    May 15th: 165.8, down 3.5 lbs
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:

    Minimum 2L of water each day - struggling to get all my water in...
    Active for 2 hours per day (walking, exercising) - did a lot more walking this week, being on holiday...
    No sugar, no alcohol - none what so ever...
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 156.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th):150

    May 1st: 156.4
    May 8th: 155.8
    May 15th: 154.8
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th

    Slow and steady as she goes!
  • madelinecamille
    madelinecamille Posts: 1,131 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 150.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 142.6


    May 1st: 150.6
    May 8th: 149.6
    May 15th: 147.0
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    1. DRINK MORE WATER!! 8 cups a day
    2. No fast food, even if it fits in the daily allowance.
    3. Exercise 6 days a week

    UPDATE: the weight hasn't been coming off as quickly as it did in the first month I started. 8 lbs lost might have been a bit ambitious for this challenge. Oh well! We'll see what happens :)
  • mfost50
    mfost50 Posts: 75 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 231.8 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 220 lbs


    May 1st: 231.8 lbs
    May 8th: 231.8 lbs
    May 15th: 230.6 lbs
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Workout at least 3x/week for 60 minutes. Drink more water and eat less sweets.
  • haoshencai
    haoshencai Posts: 96 Member
    May-June Weight Loss Challenge:
    Start Weight (May 1st): 121 Ibs; Goal Weight (June 5th): 117 Ibs


    May 1st: 121 Ibs; 21.4% body fat; 27.5 waist
    May 8th: 120.5 Ibs; 19% body fat; 27.5-1/8 (27.375) waist
    May 15th: 119 Ibs; 20% body fat; 27.5-1/4 (27.25) waist
  • cellamarfan
    cellamarfan Posts: 5 Member
    Like to join

    Starting Weight: 195
    Goals 170

    May 15th : 195
    May 22nd:
    May 29th :

    At the end of challenge i would like to weigh 188 lbs.
  • evivahealth
    evivahealth Posts: 548 Member
    edited May 2016
    Start Weight (May 1st): 65.4kg
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 63.5kg


    May 1st: 65.4kg
    May 8th: 64.6kg
    May 15th:64.9kg
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: less crappy snacks!
  • sixtytwoweeks
    sixtytwoweeks Posts: 51 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 213.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 199

    May 1st: 213.4
    May 8th: 210.2
    May 15th: 208.6
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Walk at least 4 miles a day. No cheat days this month! Not even little ones!
  • MrsUptonOgood
    MrsUptonOgood Posts: 1,897 Member
    Start weight (May 1st). 145.2
    Goal weight (June 5th). 139

    Weigh ins:

    May 1st: 145.2
    May 8th: 143.8
    May 15th:142.6
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health goals: To be able to jog for more than 2 minutes at a time on the treadmill.

  • CandehMandeh
    CandehMandeh Posts: 66 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 146
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 142


    May 1st: 146
    May 8th: 145
    May 15th: 144
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Goal (1) - Eat slower, so that I feel fuller and get to enjoy the food. Goal (2) - Go out on more walks (once the rain stops) 4-5 miles per outing. Goal (3) - Drink more water.

    ----> I've been doing good! I feel much fuller when I eat slower and I've gotten a bit more water in. Still need to work on walking more. I went for a walk yesterday and a short walk this morning. Going to try to do more walking tomorrow, hope it doesn't get cold like today D:
  • Shelle33
    Shelle33 Posts: 63 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 179.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 169.6


    May 1st: 179.6
    May 8th: 177.4
    May 15th: 176.6
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health goal: Do C25K 3 times a week. Hit 10000 steps 6 days per week. Get more accurate with my food logging. More fruit and veggies. Less sugar. Investigate options for a trainer to start strength training.

    Third Weigh-in: Not as great this week. Missed out on C25K and had to take an early rest day because of a cold. Oh well, next week is another week. This goal may have been a bit ambitious...
  • ghizon
    ghizon Posts: 103 Member
    Weight (May 1st): 168
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 160


    May 1st: 168
    May 8th: 167.7
    May 15th:167.5
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Workout 30 min daily: done only twice, should do it more
    Drink at least 2 liter water
    Stick to my calorie intake goal: done only twice this week.
  • myrightweight
    myrightweight Posts: 22 Member

    Start Weight (May 1st): 167
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 157


    May 1st: 167
    May 8th: 165
    May 15th: 165
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Eat healthy with good portions
    Get 30 minutes of exercise each day
    Lose 2 lbs a week

    May15th update: Did better during the week. Will have to try to not undo progress by overindulging on weekends! Still have to figure out how to make exercise something I want to do!
  • mamacita99
    mamacita99 Posts: 66 Member
    Belly flat team
    Start weight - 235.2
    Goal weight - 225


    May 1st: 235.2
    May 8th: 231.4
    May 15th: 230
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Walk 11,000 steps per day. Do strength training 3x week.

    Birthday week, which is always tough because everyone wants to go to lunch, and there is cake and alcohol at every turn :) So while I didn't do so great calorie/eating, I still got in alot of activity. Last week I managed 78,000 + steps. Joining challenges really pushes me. The weather has also been great, so that makes being outside all that more fun.

    It's been great feeling connected to other people with the same goals in mind (health & wellness!)
  • icecreampnt
    icecreampnt Posts: 31 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 270 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 249 lbs


    May 1st: 270 lbs
    May 8th: 267 lbs
    May 15th: 260 lbs
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: To run 3 miles everyday. Lift weights 3 days a week. Not eat fried foods, junk food or drink alcohol.
  • karen615lp
    karen615lp Posts: 18 Member
    IM IN!!!!!!!!

    Start Weight (May 1st): 156.2
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 146


    May 1st: 156.2
    May 8th: 154
    May 15th: 153.4
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:


    Fitness/Health Goals: My goal for the next 5-6 weeks is to lose 10 pounds...I will post my weight on May 1st.

    Thanks to all who create and continue to support everyone here on Fitness Pal and anywhere!!!!!!
  • kaimbf123
    kaimbf123 Posts: 182 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 142.8
    Goal Weight (June 5th): somewhere in the 130's!


    May 1st: 142.8
    May 8th: 141.6
    May 15th: no access to scale today!! will update
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:

    •24 hours exercise
    --10/24 hrs complete--

    •1500>mg sodium &
    10<cups water per day