May-June Weight Loss Challenge!



  • GW4321
    GW4321 Posts: 523 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 274
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 261


    May 1st: 274
    May 8th: 272
    May 15th:269
    May 22nd:266
    May 29th:264
    June 5th:262

    I finished one pound short of my goal, but I’ll definitely consider this challenge a success.

    Great job everyone!
  • ebonibabe1
    ebonibabe1 Posts: 108 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 134.4 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 124 lbs


    May 1st: 134.4
    May 8th:133.4
    May 15th: 133.4
    May 22nd: 130.8
    May 29th: 131.0
    June 5th: 128.6

    So, I didn't reach my goal.... But, I am below 130.
    Yea me!!!
    Good job, everyone.
  • ghizon
    ghizon Posts: 103 Member

    Start Weight (May 1st): 168
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 160


    May 1st: 168
    May 8th: 167.7
    May 15th:167.5
    May 22nd: 166
    May 29th: 166.4
    June 5th: 165.5

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Workout 30 min daily
    Drink at least 2 liter water
    Stick to my calorie intake goal
    Struggling with meeting my goals, will try and take it day by day, meal by meal.

    Didn't reach my goal, but heading toward the right direction.

    Good job everyone

  • myrightweight
    myrightweight Posts: 22 Member

    Start Weight (May 1st): 167
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 157


    May 1st: 167
    May 8th: 165
    May 15th: 165
    May 22nd: 166
    May 29th: 168
    June 5th: 167

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Eat healthy with good portions
    Get 30 minutes of exercise each day
    Lose 2 lbs a week changed to: Drink My Water (May 29)

    May15th update: Did better during the week. Will have to try to not undo progress by overindulging on weekends! Still have to figure out how to make exercise something I want to do!
    May 22nd update: Really put off posting because I don't like to admit I gained weight, but I realize I am here to be honest to help myself and others. I will try again with renewed motivation from reading your posts!
    May 29th update: Up 2 pounds this week. It is really just one pound up from my start weight. I am changing my goal of lose 2 lbs a week to Drink My Water because I lost weight when I filled up a pitcher of water and made sure I drank it throughout the day. Last week I think I ate when I really was thirsty. I want only three things to focus on as I try again!
    June 5th update: 1 lb down from last week and back where I started! This has been typical of what has been happening for a long time - up or down 1 to 3 lbs from my set point of 165! I think I have a better understanding of why this happens now. I am confident I can do better now!
  • TheBlizz35
    TheBlizz35 Posts: 142 Member
    Starting weight (May 1st): 188
    Goal weight for this challenge (June 5th): 178


    May 1st: 188
    May 8th: 186
    May 15th: 184.5
    May 22nd: 182
    May 29th: 180.5
    June 5th:179

    Well, a pound off from the challenge goal but still happy with these results considering I've had a swollen foot for two weeks either due to stress fx or arthritis flare. Awaiting MRI results right now and already signed up for the next summer challenge. :smile:
  • spiffytiff17
    spiffytiff17 Posts: 32 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 285.5
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 275


    May 1st: 285.5
    May 8th: 281.8
    May 15th: 283.5
    May 22nd: 282.2
    May 29th: 280.0
    June 5th: 281.6

    Fitness/Health Goals: I didn't make my goal but I enjoyed being part of the challenge. I have been doing really well with my workout routine so I am hoping the gain is muscle. My clothes have been fitting looser and I have had some inches lost, so I am happy about that.
  • Methynks
    Methynks Posts: 32 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 130.7kg
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 124.9kg (-5.8kg or 12lbs)


    May 1st: 130.7kg (288lbs)
    May 8th: 129.3kg (285lbs -3lbs)
    May 15th: 127.8kg (281.8lbs -3.2lbs)
    May 22nd: 126.4kg (278.7lbs -3.2lbs)
    May 29th: 125.7kg (277.1lbs -1.6lbs)
    June 5th: 124.8kg (275.1lbs - 2lbs)
    Total loss: 5.9kg (12.9lbs)

    (corrected: June 7th: 125.8kg (277.3lbs) - Total loss 4.9kg (10.7lbs))

    Haha, I weight myself this morning and I gained 2lbs over my "off" weekend, guess the scales were nice to me yesterday ;-) So I don't really think that I made my goal, but I am very happy about the total - which still is 10lbs in 5 weeks!

    Are we doing another one? This really help my accountability!
  • Cheriels82
    Cheriels82 Posts: 363 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st):128.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th):125
    Ultimate goal weight: 120


    May 1st: 128.6
    May 8th:129.3
    May 15th:130.1
    May 22nd:130.2
    May 29th:130,7
    June 5th:130.2

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    -to shed that last layer of fat around my midsection
    -Up the weights on resistance days.
    -decrease coffee (and subsequently chocolate )intake.
    -get all my water on days I am not at home
    -hit 12,000 steps every day. Plus
  • DebbieSerling
    DebbieSerling Posts: 1 Member
    Coming in Late sorry: June 12 weight 327.6
    Goals: Keep loosing, reduce Blood Pressure and get Blood Glucose in normal range.