I got a taste of what it's like to have MFP friends and its amazing what motivational people can do!

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I have been on and off of MFP for years and I've had some friends, but not like this. Recently, I decided to find and add more friends and wow, what a difference MFP is. Before, I would just log in and add my food and exercise, but nothing was really going on in my feed. I looked through my friends list and a lot of them were inactive, so I thought I'd try out adding some new people. My feed is beginning to become active and it is extremely motivating. I find myself wanting to come back to MFP and see what everyone is accomplishing and put in what I'm doing to help motivate others. It is such a rewarding experience. I love having new friends so we can motivate each other. Add me and post a comment so others can add you too. It doesn't matter where you are in your journey, we are here for each other to keep pushing through and moving forward smiley:


  • himilayaneyes
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    Hello. Anyone feel free to add me.
  • sgonza94
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    Same here, I never tried it with friends before but I'm going to try something new to fully commit and motivate. :)
  • jessicarobinson00
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    AGREED! It's the main reason I became successful!! The MFP family that I have made is irreplaceable!
  • Kellikat80
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    Awesome! I have added you all smiley: Yes! I agree with you all. It is a totally new experience with friends!
  • jeneenaylor213
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    Add me! ☺️
  • Kellikat80
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    Added! Thanks
  • Dannigreen31
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    It's Def good to see lots of motivated people on your feed. Keeps you motivated!
  • eightof11
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    Wow! I want in on this. It never occurred to me that I didn't have to do this alone. I've Been off and on for years as well. Now I am totally focused on getting everything I can out of MFP and my journey and by and large you all responding to kellikat80's post is even more motivating. I'd like to add you as well and see what this community is all about.
  • DennisA70
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    People on here are awesome. Some real inspiration to get from the active users, as well as opportunities to contribute to others success if you remain active yourself
  • christyisard
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    Add me
  • Kellikat80
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    Yes! And added. Consistency had always been my problem. But having people here to help and motivate you really gets you to continue and stick to those goals.
  • CMarie39
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    Add me
  • Kellikat80
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    Added :) It's so great meeting everyone!
  • AmberSpamber
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    It is true.. You push harder when you know others will hold you accountable! Feel free to add me :)
  • Noelani1503
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    This is my second stint here, this time with friends. It really does make a huge difference. You are not alone!
  • ferras38
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    Feel free to add me! I post daily status updates with tips and motivation!
  • Kellikat80
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    Awesome guys! And added. I love how lively this thread became. We all feel the same way :)
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    Hey guys, feel free to add me :smiley:
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    Add me please. Started a Keto diet lifestyle just two days ago! So excited!