I got a taste of what it's like to have MFP friends and its amazing what motivational people can do!



  • rakowskidp
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    You're all welcome to add me, too, especially if you're a 40-ish year old dad and/or vegetarian like me.
  • Kellikat80
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    Added and added :p
  • sandy_beach32000
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    Please add me. I'm new and haven't learned how to add friends yet.
  • Kellikat80
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    Of course! I just added you and I hope others that read this will add you and others too. Happy friend making!
  • DarthSamson
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    I do not have to work until 2017 so this is the plan
    wake up
    4:00 am coffee with 2 scoops vanilla protein mix 6 oz almond milk (200cal) (1)
    4:30 am Drive 2 miles Lakeland YMCA
    5:00 am Precor elliptical machine set on weight loss 3000 strides 30 min 400 cal
    5:30 am Sci-fit arm machine random hills level 15 20 min 4 miles 100cal
    6:00 am Sci-fit arm machine random hills level 10 (reverse) 20 min 4 miles 100 cal
    6:30 am Precor elliptical machine set on weight loss 3000 strides 30 min 400 cal
    7:00 change and shave 30 min
    7:30 swim 1 mile (36 laps 25 meter pool) 1 hour (1000) calories ?
    8:30 shower and drive home
    9:00 am Protein shake 200 cal (2)
    9:15 am hour and a half break
    10:45 Dress for lakewalk drive to bb courts
    11:00 Sun and Paper 1 hour
    11:55 Protein shake 200 cal (3)
    12:00 Drive to lake
    12:15 Lake Walk 3 miles 1 hour
    1:15 pm Drive to YMCA
    1:30 Precor elliptical machine set on weight loss 3000 strides 30 min 400 cal
    2:00 Pool 30 min
    2:30 dress and drive home
    2:55 Protein shake (200 cal) or Kale spinach salad (4)
    3:00 rest three Hours
    6:00 pm Protein shake (200 cal) or dinner chicken and green beans (5)
    6:05 pm Drive YMCA
    6:30 Precor elliptical machine set on weight loss 3000 strides 30 min 400 cal
    7:00 pm weight machines 1 hour
    8:00 pm free weights 1 hour
    9:00 pm Pool 1/2 hour
    9:30 pm Dress head for home
    9:55 Protein shake (200 cal) (6)
    10:00 pm Pack for tomorrow
    11:00 pm snooze till 4 :00 am

    Oh and drink 300 oz of water :)

  • mylifeisbeautiful
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    I would love to be friends! I've also been off and on mfp for a while but have recently committed seriously and would love to have a supportive circle of friends :) Please add me!
  • patsyacs
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    friend request sent
    let's do this together
  • RebekahDFoster
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    Having a motivational newsfeed is awesome! Please add me as well :)
  • 19MotherRunner80
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    I'm always looking for motivated friends! Anyone can add me :)
  • leticia9024
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    Always looking for friends to motivate me! Add me if you want :)
  • Shane00000
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    Hi I'm shane. I work as an emt in washington d.c. looking for some motivational friends on my weight loss journey, so please feel free to add me. Much love and PMA
  • groetzinger659
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    add me if you want-a month into this journey-I focus on lifting weights more than my diet-but I am determined to loose 40 pounds but sticking to a diet is my shortfall. so at least I am more active, Can dance longer and do burpees without being so out of breathe...its a nice warm day out in the north east.
  • lewis10451
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    Just started MFP and looking for friends. Feel free to add me. I definitely need the motivation!
  • AlyAlyAlyboo
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    Hi! I think the more motivation the better! Add me...I have 50-60 lbs to lose...with a smile!! :)
  • Kellikat80
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    Added and added. It's great so many people are coming together to inspire and motivate each other!
  • DarthSamson
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    everything is awesome Up at 4:00 am headed to YMCA @4:30
  • sharondjs
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    I'm sort of talky on people's 'feeds' and want you to open your diary and don't mind discussing TOM with women, so if you dare add me, go ahead.

    what is TOM ??
  • TheRealBmillz
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    I have been off and on for a while now with MFP, as well. I'm looking to stay consistent and motivated! Please add me!
  • jositaliano
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    This is a great idea. I'd love to have active people in my feed aswell, please add me. :)