1200 calories per day goal, who else?



  • krist_krau
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    I also have around 1200 as my target. I don't really stick to it that much but use it as a middle point to balance things out. I just never know how busy/hard/long the day will be. If it's lazy one, sitting home, doing nothing, I think 1200 is great. If I move around whole day, I mostly add around 200-300 hundred.
  • Doit4theOMG
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    Same here! Feel free to add :)
  • JeanJ1952
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    I have the same 1200 calorie goal if anybody wants to add me!
  • RandiNoelle
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    1200 here, too!
  • Looks like you've got a lot of support on here!
    1200 a day is definitely possible, and you can discover all sorts of foods that are good but don't 'cost' as much in calories.

    I wish you all the best.
  • xAmeenahx
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    Hi, 1200 crew! I have been working with it for over a month now. Definitely do-able. Feel free to add me!
  • Rugie37
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    Hi ive just started on 1200 too. Got 3 stone to lose by September for a family wedding and so far I've been struggling cos of back injuries everytime I exercise. Would be great to be part of a support group
  • davehogg1990
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    I'd,like to however what low calorie foods could I eat? Thanks
  • kaseykae
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    Me too! Feel free to add me
  • Annahbananas
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    1200 here as well. Feel free to add me.
  • davehogg1990
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    Thanyou :blush:
  • pvju
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    I'd,like to however what low calorie foods could I eat? Thanks

    Eat that fish you're holding ;) Is that a fish? I eat tuna, sardines, shrimp, trout, eggs, cottage cheese, cold cuts, lamb and other kinds of meat, nuts, avocado. I don't eat as many carbs as I used to and I actually don't eat as many salads - between the dressing and other add ons I like it's too caloric and low protein. The trick to lower calories is portion size, lots of protein and avoiding empty calories. If I eat chips or something I try to have a few - literally 2-4 chips - get the flavor but not blowing my calories for the day. Olives are my go to for a salt fix.

    My goal is 1200 but I actually try to stay around 1000 calories a day. I'm not super healthy a lot of time in my food choices so a few times a week I save up calories to have an ice cream sundae or other dessert item. When I find myself wanting to go off the rails I reach for the protein to get back on track.
  • davehogg1990
    davehogg1990 Posts: 63 Member
  • les20makeup
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    Hi there!
    I have 1200 calories as my daily intake.
    I'd like to lose 32lbs. I lead a sedentary lifestyle as I'm basically indoors due to poor lung issues. I just wanted to be less bloated, feel energetic and become healthier in order to live a long life with my husband.
    I have many allergies to many good options of food as in salmon, other good fish, nuts, mushrooms and so I opt to eat foods that never posed an allergic problem for me. My food choices vary and may not be optimum but I need to be eating smaller portions and not graze as often on empty calories.
    My only drink of choice is water so drinking at least 8 glasses on a daily basis seems to be easy.
    I'd like to plan meals that are proper portions and not too high in cholesterol. My numbers were on the rise and although not horrible, they are slightly elevated and I want to get that under control without medication.
    Looking forward to meeting others here where we may motivate one another to achieve success.
    Together we achieve more so good luck everyone.
  • DSpada
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    Me too. I try to do 300 or less call for lunch and breakfast and the rest for dinner and or snacks. Down 9 lbs in a month. You are welcome to add me. Could use a friend.
  • JButlerEagle
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    1200 is my goal right now too. I do aim to eat back at least some of my exercise calories. You can do it! It had taken some self-training (learned through consistent logging) what foods are "worth the calories" in terms of what fills you up and doesn't leave you starving or binging.
  • marysmomma
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    Having trouble sticking to 1200. Also trying to do 30 carb/day, 180 pro and 40 fat, except on carb cycling days which are 165 carb, 10 fat and 140 protein. Failing macros consistently had got me bummed. Anyone else trying low carb and 1200cal?